Wildwood : Reflections in the Dark

Today we’re joined by The Mirror, one of the Majors the deck creators attributed to the season that is Autumn, we begin to have reflections over the personal events of the summer.

Major 12 – The Mirror

As the rain falls,  the temperature’s drop and the nights draw in, we can lose ourselves in the latest TV Drama, reality TV, book, Tarot deck, Facebook, xBox, PS3 (or whatever floats your passion) but perhaps taking a look back over the year so far is in order.

Combined with the Card of the Week this week, (Narciens) I feel we’re being told in the sternest voice possible by the Cosmos that we need to do this, if we’re not wanting to be left dealing with the same stuff next year. Studying and working on our reflections can help in the future, for we can learn what our past mistakes were.

The Specific Question
The Specific Question

I don’t know about you all but I’m just too darned tired to do this right now.  I’d rather go to bed and sleep for ten hours than sit and reflect on the past, rather eventful 10 months, but I also know that burying my head in the sand is going to get my rather thinner rear end booted by something large and probably, steel-capped from somewhere deep within the cosmos.  I’d really rather avoid that, thanks, so here’s some questions to contemplate. What did happen this year and what would you have changed? Would you have changed how you reacted or acted? Would you or have you changed who you seek advice from? Have you thought about paying it forward? (sending out goodwill just because you can?)

Is this easier to do as an adult or as a child? After the personal family events of today, The Mirror is apt and there are a few days to review and contemplate the reflections. Only then can we decide how to deal with them. Only from there can we even possibly mature and grow.

Use the Mirror to find your specific question: only then can you answer it.

Sometimes, to work these answer(s) out, we need help. I also provide Tarot Readings and you can book your personal reading via this page.

Decks used were The Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews and Mark Ryan & The Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.
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Wildwood : Reflections in the Dark

8 thoughts on “Wildwood : Reflections in the Dark

  1. Reflecting; it’s difficult but necessary. I like to journal and mostly I reread it after a month. Haven’t looked back on a whole year though. I’ve been thinking on buying The Wildwood tarot as a tool for experiencing the wheel of the year more in depth. Do you recommend this deck? Thanks for this post 🙂

    1. I totally agree Ellen: Difficult but necessary. My blog *is* my journal so I visit it often, but as you say, NEVER for a whole year. I hadn’t thought of doing a whole cycle like that; thanks for the idea 🙂
      The Wildwood does and has taken me on a great journey and no doubt it will continue to do so for years to come. I cannot recommend this deck enough, but I advise you now, it shoots from the bow, doesn’t mince it’s words and leaves nothing unturned. It’s a great deck 🙂

      1. Thanks I will keep your advise in mind. I think I will buy it at the end of the month so I can start at Samhain

        1. That sounds like a plan Ellen 🙂
          I provide links to buying it directly from Will Worthington on the blogs and on the side bar 😉

          1. Out of stock?! Wow – again 😉
            Do you have Amazon.nl ? I can ask the lady that runs Wills site when they’d be back in & what the shipping is, if you wish? 🙂

          2. Thank you but as I said. I think the shippingcosts will be to high for me. Perhaps I will settle for the edition without the tree on the back of the cards

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