Week Ahead : Perceval And On-Going Remembrance

This week we remember those that have gone before in Remembrance Sunday and I wonder why people give their lives that others may live?

Today as the poppy petals fell, the young and old remember those that fell in WWI, WWII and conflicts since. We remember those that gave their lives so that others like me may live the life they choose in relative peace. In answer to this, Perceval, son of King Pellinor, comes out to join us and gives us an insight into the psyche of the brave and the bold.


Perceval was kept away from battle by his mother after losing Perceval’s brothers in other battles. Her wish was to keep her son safe, away from the war and the horror it contained. However, he was a natural soldier and knight, so he naturally found his way to King Arthur’s court. It stands to reason he’d protect another’s honour and quite quickly after arriving at Court, he set off in pursuit of a knight who had insulted Queen Guinevere.

He is brother to Dindrane, who could have and nearly did, complete the Grail Quest. He was tagged as “The Perfect Fool”, due to his innocence, but above all, Perceval shows us that you can be direct, wise, simple and foolish. He had other qualities too, like perseverance and honour. It is all these qualities I think the young men who fought and died in WWI and WWII displayed in varying measures. If these six qualities were a table chart, every soldier would have a score in each column, to varying degrees.

Remembrance Poppy

I believe Perceval was incapable of deceit, he had no space or interest in it and his ability to see through a web of lies and cut right to the chase gave him an edge over the other knights. Whether this skill or quality held true for every soldier that fought in the Great Wars (or since) will never be known. However, he was good at keeping secrets and working out the truth, from the lies.

This week, we have bunch of questions that we may not want to answer, but if we’re to move forward, we need to address that which hinders us. Use Perceval to help you cut to the chase and cut through the lies.

What is your first step towards the future? Can you reconsider your position? Who is the best mediator you know? What truth awaits you tomorrow? What can you learn from this experience? How will your honesty help you here? What is really going on? Is there any wisdom in this action?

This Remembrance week, I will remember and light a candle to those that fell (and continue to fall) in the name of freedom. I will remember, though it may not be in an obvious way.

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Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated by (c) Will Worthington. Poppy Image was borrows from The Zombie Wears Vintage website.
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Week Ahead : Perceval And On-Going Remembrance

2 thoughts on “Week Ahead : Perceval And On-Going Remembrance

  1. I’ve never heard of Remembrance week until today. I’ve read on two more blogs about this. It has special meaning to me because The Netherlands were liberated in may 1945 by our allies form England and America. I’ve heard so many stories about this war from my parents.

    1. Yes, it was a big weekend here in the UK. Military brass bands on parade in the local high streets, which is great to see. On my mantlepiece I have a poppy and candles. I lit them last night, and I shall do so again today 🙂

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