Wildwood : Samhain Tarot Spread

As promised from my Tarot Blog Hop Post, here’s The Wildwood advising me for the coming year, using the Samhain Tarot spread.

This Samhain Tarot Spread comes courtesy of Theresa Mills in the Wildwood Tarot Study Group on Facebook and the Aeclectic Tarot site. As a quick reminder, here’s the spread from my Blog Hop. I’ve put the title of each card that’s come up in that position.

Samhain Spread


1. Autumn Yield (what can be used) – Ace of Vessels
2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside) – Major 1 – The Shaman
3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to) – Major 3 – The Green Woman

4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods) – Four of Stones
5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide) – Seven of Stones
6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters) – King of Bows

7. What to say goodbye to… – Four of Vessels
8. What to remember… – Three of Stones
9. Results/conclusion – Two of Stones

Samhain Tarot Spread
Samhain Spread for 2013
Major 3 The Green Woman
Major 3
The Green Woman

Lets take the first three. 1. Autumn Yield (what can be used) – Ace of Vessels, 2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside) – Major 1 – The Shaman, 3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to) – Major 3 – The Green Woman

On a personal front, these three say to me that I can and ought to begin again, emotionally. I’ve undergone a lot of change this year, it’s time to start over again, I don’t need to be in control and “make the magic” happen, what I need to prepare for is being the mother and nurture the life I’ve given.  On the business front,come to the business with a new sense of emotional love, don’t try to control everything or every aspect, you can’t do it alone. Nurture the business and the ideas that you have, let them surface when they’re ready, but hauld yer whest until they’re ready.


King of Bows ~ Adder
King of Bows ~ Adder

The next three are just as interesting! 4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods) – Four of Stones, 5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide) – Seven of Stones, 6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters) – King of Bows.

Personally, I need to take time out and protect myself, perhaps physically (psychically comes to mind here too) whilst finding time to meditate and heal thyself (and put to bed the niggling current medical condition I’m suffering from) but be prepared to meet someone fiery! (Too late, already met and married him!)  On the business front, take things slowly, learn to think about things before speaking and acting and if someone has a good idea, give credit where credit is due. Perhaps that mysterious meeting gives me an insight into other aspects I can take the business during 2014.


Two of Stones Challenge
Two of Stones

The last three cards aren’t looking so hot, more specifically the last card,but let’s get on with it. 7. What to say goodbye to… – Four of Vessels, 8. What to remember… – Three of Stones, 9. Results/conclusion – Two of Stones.

Personally (and business wise!) if the Wildwood Tarot thinks that I have been bored this year, it had better think again. Seriously, I’ve not stopped with one thing or another! Though I have been bored with the lack of time to do the things I have wanted to do, business wise.  What I need to remember on both fronts is to be creative, to tap into my muse and take the time out to connect with the earth and the Woodlands again.  The Results will be that this is a year of standing my ground (personally and business wise) and keeping my boundaries. It will be a challenge to balance both the major aspects of my life, but something that can be done.


Pagan Penagram
Pagan Penagram

This past Pagan Year I’ve met some fantastic fellow Witches and Tarot Readers, some are just starting out on their Tarot Journey (or out of the broom closet Witch-wise themselves) but they’re with me to connect with as and when we need each other. The internet, being the wonderful useful thing it is, has bought together some great people. I hope to continue to learn more, meet new people and merge it all together in The Green Woman’s Cauldron.

Some shout-outs for the sisters walking the path with me. TABI, Emma, Gayle Dee, Claire, Jo, Sue, Jess, Tina, Alison, Rowan Tarot,

That’s me for this Samhain Tarot Spread post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it’s given you something more of an insight into how I read the Tarot. You know where to book a reading with me, right here. If you’d perhaps like to leave a comment, please feel free – I love comments 🙂

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Wildwood : Samhain Tarot Spread

22 thoughts on “Wildwood : Samhain Tarot Spread

  1. As always I love to read how you interpret the cards of the Wildwood Tarot. And your reading cloth is stunning.:)
    I am still waiting for my replacement from BD because mine had stains on the backs of some cards

        1. Oh right!! That’s a shame that some were damaged, but good of them to replace it. Have you sent the sticky deck back??

          1. No that would be to expensive!
            I will give it to my daughter. She likes the cards, but she doesn’t read them so she does mind a few stains on the backs (they don’t stick; they had white paint stains. Probable a printfailure)

          2. They’re sending a whole replacement deck at no cost?! Wonderful! I hope your daughter enjoys them 🙂
            What a gift, printing error or not 😀

  2. Yes, connecting with the woods and wild is so important. I recently took an air boat ride out into an area protected by the state. It was amazingly beautiful, and reminded me how I don’t engage with nature the same was I used to since moving to FLorida (so many red ants, mosquitos, snakes, etc). It was like heaven. We saw alligators, a million birds (including some amazing eagles), cows that were pasturing in the wild area, pink birds flying in the trees, a wild pig, funny diving ducks. It was bliss. Reminded me how I think I need to move to the countryside some day!

  3. Hi Louise, I enjoyed the way you interpreted this reading for us. Your cards are interesting. I’m a Rider-Waite gal so these are very different for me.

  4. The names of the cards and the descriptor you provide (not sure what to call is – e.g., Autumn Yield) are so evocative. The questions alone take me somewhere within myself. This was very interesting to me as I’ve only seen the single cards you’ve shown in other posts, never a whole reading. You certainly covered a lot of ground in the reading. Do you just pull the cards at random, and that’s the person’s set for the reading? You’ve definitely got my curiosity going!

    1. Hey Judy, yes, I pulled these cards in a reading for myself and wrote it up in a blog post. As for what comes up, yes, the cards that come out after a good shuffle, riffle and split, are the ones used for the reading. 🙂

  5. Thanks Louise! It’s interesting to learn about a new deck (new to me) and see you interpret them. I’m all for you standing your ground and holding boundaries. That’s a nice result!

  6. Dear Louise,
    How good to see a yearly review and how to use the tarot to do this. I like the way you balance all the energies in your work and home and reflect on what’s working and what you want to do more in the coming year!

    1. Jennifer it’s lovely to have you drop by – thank you!!
      The Tarot can be used for a lot of things, the question is whether or not you want to hear the answer 🙂
      If you do, the Tarot can give you the answers you need 🙂

  7. Fascinating stuff. I wonder how Tarot and Astrology intersect. Forgive me if you have already somehow answered this question. I find reading every word of this sort of technical post a bit challenging.

    1. Hi Rowena and thanks for dropping by 🙂
      I’m a numpty when it comes to Astrology: I just cannot get my head into it as well as I would like, BUT I know there are various correlations and links with the Major Arcana to the Astrology signs. Temperance, for exmaple, is linked to Libra, The Magician to Mercury, so it’s there. I intend on picking up my studies between the two, again in the New Year 🙂

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