The Week Ahead : The Skill of Perception

This week, the enchanting Ragnall comes to us, in both maiden and crone apperance. What is your desire? Lets improve our perception this week.

Ragnall is not one of the names I know, but I did know Gawain was married, but not to whom. The crone we sometimes see Ragnall as, are years that some of us have years ahead of us; for others, we are in our crone (wisest!) years.

The legend says that Ragnall was cursed to be a hag until a good Knight married her. It was in her hag form that she helps King Arthur and he grants her the only condition that she placed upon him: To marry Sir Gawain. The reason she helped King Arthur was because he had faced a riddle and challenge by her brother, Gromer Somer Jour. The question was this: What do women desire most?


What does any human desire the most? To have the power to make their own decisions, be you male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, trans-gender or swinger. Who cares? Providing you harm none, I’m pretty much good with it. If it makes you happy, that’s all that really counts.

When Ragnall and Gawain married, she was still in crone form. It was on their wedding night that Gawain saw her true external beauty and let her choose whether she’d be beautiful by day or by night. It was giving her this power that broke the curse had been placed upon her.

I have to wonder what words were said to invoke such a harsh external perception? Words really can change someone’s perception, especially you’re own. Ragnall was skilled in helping herself and others around her react to their situation. Are you? I have not been in the past. I’m still learning and I think I will be well into my crone years before I master that skill.

Time to get your thinking caps on with questions for this week! What’s your deepest desire? What’s hidden from you? Who are you, really? What is your heart’s desire? What most challenges you? Do your inner and outer lives match? (And if not, do you know why not?) What opposition do you expect to meet?

There are always lots of questions, the answer is to use your perception to help work out the answer. If you wish to use my perception, you can book your reading by clicking here.

Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated by the brilliant, Will Worthington.
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The Week Ahead : The Skill of Perception

4 thoughts on “The Week Ahead : The Skill of Perception

  1. For me these questions are always asking to be answered; our entire life. And every season the answers change, vary a little. When getting older we change, on the inside as well as on the outside thank god(ddes) and so do our desires. Finding your hearts desire is perhaps like finding the purpose of your life; your personal grail

  2. Perfect!! I have been asking myself some if not all of these questions this year. Some of the answers were right there, others are not so easy. Thank you for posting this, the answers will come!!!

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