Wildwood : Midweek Story Board ~ Creative Self Respect ~ 19th Dec 2013

The week commencing 16th December 2013 shows us that the Devil is within the creative detail, but show yourself some respect.

As Yuletide and Christmas fast approach, we have a reminder from the Tarot about the Devil is in the creative detail, but to show ourselves the respect we each deserve. Here’s how I came to that line of thought.

The Devil in the RWS is the Guardian in The Wildwood. The skeleton of the white bear is meant to be scary. Getting caught into a downward spiral that The Devil can cause, has it’s scary effects on our waking lives. Think drink, drugs, stealing and you’ve got the idea of the dangers of this card. However, the Devil can have it’s uses. He can cause us to think again, to look “beyond” the figure before us to the cave (our destination) beyond.

The Three of Stones shows a lady connecting to nature, her feet have become roots, reconnecting her to the ground from which we all return at some point. I love the look on her face, serene, calm. She’s calm enough to allow the creative muses to strike.


Creativity Respect








The final card on this story board is the Nine of Bows, with the Woodwose coming at us in a very aggressive manner. The fact that he’s acting angry could well be that we’re not respecting his boundaries, or our own. Now that Jupiter has gone direct, finding and keeping our boundaries is going to mean a change in attitude.

Reading these three out in the line (as shown above) is how I came across the Devil being in the detail. Can you do all the planning and preparation until you’re walking around half dead? Being creative can be great, at this time of year, that’s almost called for, but allow yourself the quiet time. The respect comes from lots of different directions, but most of all, it must come from yourself. You can ask for help you know, without losing your self-respect and your sanity!

So, this week get the help you need, before you end up like the Guardian here, half dead and worn out. Enjoy the festivities! There will be one more story board post before Christmas hits and a Blog Hop post on Saturday. Enjoy!

The deck I’ve used is as always, The Wildwood which is illustrated by Will Worthington and created by the brilliant Mark Ryan and John Matthews.
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Wildwood : Midweek Story Board ~ Creative Self Respect ~ 19th Dec 2013

8 thoughts on “Wildwood : Midweek Story Board ~ Creative Self Respect ~ 19th Dec 2013

  1. A very creative storyboard reading. And an advice I will keep in mind the coming day. This attitude of asking help doesn’t come natural for me.
    I wish you a very happy Yule/Christmas

    1. It’s not often natural, but at times, we damage ourselves by not asking when we’re bound up πŸ™‚
      I hope you have a great Yule / Christmas too, Ellen πŸ™‚

  2. What a great card combo for this week! People surely can drive themselves crazy before the holidays. And it turns out, lots of people do it for their kids, husbands, mothers, but not for themselves. So yes, this card combo should be posted on street signs and in show windows for everyone to see. Perhaps then the holidays would be less about doing something the right way and more about simply enjoying the time with our fellow humans.

    1. I try and encourage the children to be with each other, but they’re more interested in their toys and gadgets. We’ve had to restrict their use, much to their disappointment, but hey ho, we’re determined to get more than grunts out of them (and they’re only 7 and 4!) πŸ™‚

  3. I like the message you give us saying get help before you end up half dead and worn out! So true in the middle of winter we don’t slow down but keep trying to run fast. I love how your interpret the imagery in the cards and i look forward to more guidance before Christmas thanks Louise! xxx

    1. We often knock our pans in so much that we end up not enjoying all we’ve spent the time on; the actual event itself. I am determined to this year! They’re not babes in arms for long πŸ™‚

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