Wildwood : Midweek Story Board – Trusting

This week we have a most interesting Story Board come out and join us. It’s all about listening, standing your ground and trusting your intuition.

Page of Arrows WrenThe little wren, messenger of the Druids, comes to us, set in the snowy image of deep winter, though it seems to be thawing (as the water in the river isn’t frozen). Wrens can sing for the entire country, they’re small but their high sweet voices carry. Wrens remind us to listen and to be clear in what we want to say and be careful in how we say it.

Two of Stones ChallengeThe boxing hares, the symbol of spring (Imbolc) are about boundaries, where we draw the line. It was often thought that these were males, but it’s recently been found out that it’s often a male and a female boxing. Where are your boundaries? What are your boundaries?

TrustingThe Seer (my favourite card!) reminds us to use our intuition, to tap into the hidden knowledge. Her owl’s cloak with shamanic symbols, symbolises wisdom and power. She’s linked to water but the other elements are around her, used by her as necessary. She focuses on her own power and through her, it flows. She’s a character who knows how to trust herself.

How might this story board read for us this week? In general terms, listen, be clear when you speak, define your boundaries and be prepared to stand your ground, trust your intuition, tap into and use your own power.

How else might you read this story board? That depends on your question, but lets take one several of us might be wanting answered this week. We often spend time with families at this time of year, either that which we’re born with, or those we make through friends. How might the Christmas / Yuletide festivities go? Well, listen to what people are saying they’d appreciate as gifts, fight your way through the throngs of others to get that gift (or go later in the evening if there’s late night shopping πŸ˜‰ ) and trusting yourself that the gift you have picked them will be great! Okay, that might be a little “literal” but since this conversation seems to be one way…Β  Unless you comment, then we can talk!

And when you’d like your own personal story board and interpretation, you can book your reading with me here.

The deck I’ve used is, as always, The Wildwood.
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Wildwood : Midweek Story Board – Trusting

18 thoughts on “Wildwood : Midweek Story Board – Trusting

  1. These cards spoke to me this week, and not in relation to the holidays. I had trouble with my boundaries towards myself this week, and in rebalancing myself, I had to trust my intuition about what was troubling me. Now i have to stand my ground against my inner resistances, which might take me in the wrong direction. I really like the picture of the dueling rabbits–they speak to me of parts of myself that are in some conflict. I will reflect some more on this! Thanks for a timely post.

    1. The two hares could also be an internal battle, for sure. I sometimes see the Seer as meditating, so that’s worth doing too, if only to find which of the hares win πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Louise, let’s talk πŸ™‚
    If I would read this story board for myself I would also highlight the coming holiday’s, and specific the get together with family. It is always very important to be careful how you put words to your thoughts and to listen if your message has come across. And it is also important to maintain my boundaries and don’t become the Christmas pushover.:) I think it will be very helpful to stay in touch with my intuition and to withdraw myself from time to time from all the business

    1. With Mars going into Libra (and staying there until July 2014!) it’s going to be a long haul of having to listen and be heard I feel! <3

  3. All these cards speak to me, as I try to work on all three consistently. I am so much better at setting healthy boundaries, but it is a work in progress. I really speak up more than I ever have, but it is still something I need to do more. I am really great at listening to my intuition…but I can always fine tune that skill. Thank you for this, it gives me something to think about and work on!

    1. Hi Deanna. It is a constant battle, like a circle. As soon as you think you’ve finished, you’re back at the start and needing to do more. We’ve got a lot of this between now and July 2014, so I would pace yourself πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for this Louise. I’m more aware this year that these few weeks before the Solstice are for turning inward, being more quiet, resting, allowing the dark to be present. And what we’ve done is made this a time of frenzy, going out, doing more than usual. I see sick people everywhere and I believe one reason is because we don’t feel into the natural rhythm of this time of year. So your story board speaks to me this way. See the beauty in the season, have boundaries around the push to get out and around the push against my own intuitive sense which tells me this year to lay low, rest, and allow the darkness.

    1. I agree. Humans are meant to hibernate as much as the animals do. It’s darker earlier and the sun rises later for a reason; but things are so fast paced these days… πŸ™‚
      Having strong boundaries is necessary these days, far more than before.

  5. Very cool! Hmmmm, in the last week or two, I feel I no longer have to justify my book writing projects to anyone. I had tried doing other things but writing and coaching are my true passions, and I will do whatever it takes to merge them. I will not follow any trends because they do not represent my ways of thinking and relating to people. I stopped judging myself for not earning money right now, since I do not judge others by how much they earn. This recent realization has done wonders!

    1. Trends are only pathways others have followed, it’s perfectly okay and healthy to blaze your own trail πŸ™‚ Good luck with the books!

  6. 2nd judgment on your light loving intuition energy that sometimes comes into conscience knowledge feeling distinctly like someone put that thought in your mind and it came from out of the blue with its own voice, that’s your secret private inside knowledge. That should alert you towards answers concerning issues that need dealt with. And it should rescinate within as truth. Fits like a piece to a puzzle. x enjoy your site….

    1. It can be that something someone said several moons ago suddenly takes a hold. My father is good at doing that; planting the seed of thought, then letting us “come” into it in our own time. Thanks for the reminder of that memory, Diana πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah I don’t know where to start at all…. I’d book a reading if I could definitely.

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