Week Ahead : Fools Wisdom ~ Duty

The second card from the rather cute Fools Wisdom comes to join us this week and if Duty wasn’t on your list, it looks like it’s going to be for a wee while!

The Duty Fool

The sense of duty comes to us all at some point, sometimes, we embrace it and sometimes we try to avoid it. However it comes, our immediate attention is required, demanded. Having a positive attitude during this time can be hard if you have duties that divide you. There is, I believe a time when you have to say; no more! I can’t take on anymore, I can’t keep splitting myself around like this! And you cut back your duties where you can, where you have to.

What are the most important duties to you as say, parent? A spiritual being? A man? A woman? A witch? A child? A brother? A sister? A friend? A close cousin? There are so many roles within our lives now, that one duty can cancel out another. I think this is a pity, but we’re programmed to be Superman or Wonder Woman every day. Can we be?

There are many things that we call or label up as “duty”, but are they really so important? Are they really “duty” ?  At the end of the day, you know the answer, you just needed a wee reminder about reality and truth and to undertake the real duties with time, love and perhaps, enthusiasm.

This week, Duty has come to bite not only my ankles, but tug at my heart-strings, hence why this post is slightly late. Doing so with love in my heart is hard, but I shall try! However, as I tend to my duties, I wish you good fortune in attending to yours.

I used the Fools Wisdom deck by Sonia Choquette and all images are copy right of the artist, Silas Toball.

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Week Ahead : Fools Wisdom ~ Duty

2 thoughts on “Week Ahead : Fools Wisdom ~ Duty

  1. So often we say:”I have to” : I have to do the dishes, I have to cook, I have to take the kids to school, but how much more easy it would be if we changed the “I have to” in “I want to” I want to cook diner so I can feed my family. I want to take the kids to school so they can enjoy their education, and so forth.
    My youngest gave me a charm once which says: “nothing has to”

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