Week Ahead: Fools Wisdom ~ Hope

We have a new Oracle come and join us for 2014. I hope you like this cute little Oracle deck and the wisdom that it contains within.

The first card up is the Hope Fool. Like The Fool from the Tarot, we have the little dog, the faithful companion who loves us unconditionally. The fool tends his little plant, aware of the hope that a new life can bring. Such great things can come from something as small as a seed, full of the information from its parents, striving to live and be all it can.

The Hope Fool

Hope is there, it’s always here, but at times we’re fearful of success or of hoping for too much. This little plant has its roots firmly planted in the ground, firmly connected to the divine flow of life that pulses its way through the earth.

This little plant isn’t waiting for the Universe to fulfil all its dreams, it’s working towards its goal, one day at a time. It’s not waiting for someone to help it, it’s in the right place to grow, the conditions for it are right.

Here’s some questions for you. Are you full of hope? If not, why not? I need to work on improving my hope, but it’s an elephant task: one bit at a time. Are you working towards achieving your hopes? Give the Universe a sound reason for your hopes,  dreams and trust and then fulfill your role to the best of your ability, without hesitation.

Talk about having a kick-start to this year! Hope it’s not too painful a start for you. But as the song goes, the only way is up! right? (A lot like this little plant *wink* )

I used The Fools Wisdom Oracle by Sonia Choquette, in case I hadn’t made that clear above.
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Week Ahead: Fools Wisdom ~ Hope
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