Wildwood : 30th Jan 2014 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ Adapt to Duty

I’m back on schedule this week after a not very pleasant past seven days. However, I’m reminded to love myself, adapt and when the time comes, start again. What do these cards say for you?

youtubeThe Fools Wisdom this week was Duty, to embrace it with love and enthusiasm. The thing with Duty is that it can drain you, running around from pillar to post, back and forth.

Major 6 The Forest Lovers
Major 6
The Forest Lovers
Page of Vessels
Page of Vessels
Ace of Stones
The Foundations of Life










The cards this week remind me to love myself. The Lovers are about loving others. Who support you whilst you carry on your obligations, your duties? Remember to love them too.

The Otter is an adaptable being, living out of and in the water as the need fits. The otter is playful and is certainly a being that looks after itself first. If it wants a bath, it goes and takes one, playing as it goes. It eats when it wants, when it’s able to catch its food. It’s also skittish, hard to see and as quick as lightening!

The Ace of Stones, with the phrase, “The Foundation of Life” is to me, an indicator to start over again. What is it that’s important to me? Well, that’s a no brainer, the family are important to me, but so is helping people though the power of Tarot. We all have baggage, we all have mountains to climb and sometimes it takes another to say: that’s not a mountain, it’s a mole-hill honey, get over it already!

(Okay, in a far more delicate fashion most of the time, but the sentiment of “get off your rear end and fix what you can yourself” still applies, however you say it )

I love the Musical, War of the Worlds, and as I type, I hear the section from The Artiliary Man where he’s wanting to start over again, now that the rains have washed the drains clean. However, his vision and his practical skills are poles apart. Starting over is easy to say, not so easy to do. Like an Elephant task, it’s one bite at a time, one step at a time.

So, combining the two sets of cards this week is going to be interesting, isn’t it?

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Wildwood : 30th Jan 2014 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ Adapt to Duty

4 thoughts on “Wildwood : 30th Jan 2014 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ Adapt to Duty

  1. I love this reading. The two of cups or lovers is often a sign for me too, to love myself. the combination of tarot and oracle cards can give a reading more layers and sometimes an unexpected twist
    I hope you are feeling better and will enjoy your Imbolc tomorrow

    1. Thanks Ellen! I am personally fine, just glad my mother is mending & tomorrow is a special day, not just celebrating Imbolc πŸ™‚

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