Wildwood : 9th Jan ’14 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ vBlog

Welcome to the first midweek story board of 2014 and the first ever vBlog of the story board! Enjoy but don’t move, it’s a really quick video!

9th Jan 2014 Midweek Story Board vBlog

And just in case like me, you’re nervous about viewing it, here are the cards in question.

Major 10 The Wheel
Major 10
The Wheel
Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Eight of Vessels
Major 3 The Green Woman
Major 3
The Green Woman








These cards make me wonder what emotions I need to get rid of this week. Mostly the negative, self-destructing ones are going to be the ones we all want to get rid of, but what do they say to you?

Change before you’re forced to? Letting go of that which threaten to drown us comes to mind, embracing what we are and cooking up things that we want to achieve in that magic cauldron of The Green Woman’s also come to mind. If we don’t want to be bitter and horrible and a remnant of the past (I sometimes catch myself turning into someone I don’t want to be, someone who reminds me of both my god-awful grandmothers!) we need to change and let go of the stuff that no longer serves us.

The middle-card here is so understated, some might over-look it, as it’s not a major. But letting go of negative, destruct-full, poisonous emotion is necessary and a big deal, if we’re to cook up something spectacular going forward!

No, no more babies for me, that I can promise (I’m getting too old for all that now!) but helping these three little lives grow into the best they can be, is certainly a fabulous challenge, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve written far more than I’ve said in the blog. Next time, I think I’ll write it all up first, then do the vblog. Yes, that sounds like a darn good idea, doesn’t it?

Thanks for reading and listening! I’ve used The Wildwood deck, as always and if you’d like to have your own personal Tarot reading, you can book that here with me.

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Wildwood : 9th Jan ’14 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ vBlog

16 thoughts on “Wildwood : 9th Jan ’14 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ vBlog

  1. Hi Louise, well done and I loved hearing you voice.
    It is hard to let go of emotions. Sometimes I just have to wait until my vessel boils over. I like the metaphor of cooking and recipes. Perhaps it is already a start not to stir too much and be all controlling an hovering over this cauldron of mine but let it simmer on its own and trust it will be okay

    1. It is hard but if we want to change, we can’t carry that baggage around, we have to let it flow out 🙂
      Else we’ll drown! 😮 😉

  2. Great job on the vBlog! Yes, I am hanging on to some negative emotions. It is hard to get rid of that which is comfortable. But, I must realize it does not serve me anymore. Thank you for your words here!

  3. It was wonderful to hear your beautiful voice, Louise! Congratulations on your vBlog. You are inspiring me. As for the cards – they are exactly where I am this week. Two days ago I had a huge psychic shift that resulted in some changes that affect every aspect of my emotions and thoughts. It was a change I had fought against, and it took a long time to hit that moment of willingness. But here I am! Great reading.

    1. So glad you’ve hit that sweet spot of willingness, Judy!
      The more you resist change though, the tougher it is. This change, with it being the Wheel, is a natural event, it’s not forced, it’s not put upon, it just is. Things change, they have to change, nothing stays the same forever my lovely! 🙂

  4. As have others, I also enjoyed hearing your voice! And congrats on the vblog. Seems perfect for what you do. I am new to Tarot but interested in the themes here. I’m definitely cooking up new stuff right now. Happy New Year!

    1. Aww, thank you Gloria! I’m looking forward to going through the list and finding / commenting on your blog this week! The themes seem to be occurring all over, which is not unusual for the Tarot, but the frequency I’m seeing it at is surprising, even for me! 🙂

      Hope you cook up a fabulous 2014 my dear! 😀

    1. That’s what I’ve been hearing in the Group, so I figured I’d put my toes into the water and you know what, it’s really quite nice! 😉

  5. Hi Louise!
    Great to hear your voice and to see the cards– they reflect my situation perfectly. Through the Akashic reading, I learned who I was in my past existence and this definitely shed light on my passion, poetry, in this lifetime. No matter how crazy this sounds, I am entrusting myself and my actions to the universe and getting rid of parts of my career that are simply not me. 🙂 I am so excited!

    1. Great time to make the changes you need, Karo!! Looking forward to see what you’re cooking up for 2014! 🙂

  6. Dear Louise

    I love the Green woman card, I can really see myself cooking up something fab in the big cauldron! I have been enjoying cooking a lot more recently and so it matches me on the inside and the outside too. I couldn’t see the v blog on my iPhone so I’m glad u wrote about the cards too thank you! Xxx

    1. I hope you get chance to listen to the youtube video at some point Jennifer but your post has reaffirmed that I need to write AND do video – thank you sweetie 🙂

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