The Wildwood : Adventuring in 2014

What might 2014 have in store for us all? Well, whilst out adventuring in nearby districts today, I asked The Wildwood what 2014 might have in store for me and mine…

Here’s the collective image I made with the iPhone app whilst I was out and about. It’s amazing what one can do with technology these days.

2014 Wildwood Year Spread

The Central card is the Green Man. He’s the symbol of the flourishing male aspect , ever vigilant. His heart is great and his spirit is warm. This is the aspect for 2014 that I feel is at my disposal. Numerically, my Year cards this year is 8 Stag (Strength) & 17 The Pole Star (The Star) and I’ll add them into the overall equation and energy for 2014.

January‘s card is the Ace of Arrows. Talk about being direct! A new idea may come to me this month, knowing where I’ve come from and where I wish to go. This may come in an moment of epiphany. Adventuring awaits!

February‘s card is the Queen of Arrows. Having the Queen of Air come up in the month of Aquarius doesn’t surprise me, there are a lot of family birthday’s during this time of clarity, my baby girl being one of them (though she’s a Pisces, like me). The swan is a strong and regal protector. Whom do I need to protect during this month?

Major 8 The Stag
Major 8
The Stag

March‘s card is the Knight of Vessels, another protector but this character is able to change (according to Irish myth) but he’s able to adapt to the changing environment of water and land and the mud between. March indicates a time of change and adapting.

April‘s card is another Major, like the central card and The Wheel is all about change, so after the first three months and winter’s hold lessens, times change and once again, the adventuring changes.

May‘s card comes to us as another Major, The Great Bear, is a guardian of the Forest ways. The dark side of this card is frustration and inner anger. In order to avoid the dark side, learning more of ourselves and self education is called for. So, time to get reading and learning more I feel!

June‘s card is a follow on from the Great Bear if I follow his positive example and read. Rewards can be inner security and joy, if you reach your goals and desires. Completing things you’ve started sounds like a good idea to me too!

July brings us the Two of Arrows, so I need to be careful here of judging others without having all the facts to hand. What is the point of being direct if you’re left alone at the end of the day? Be careful of alienating others at this time. When this card comes up, I often find I’m over tired and unable to think straight, so I must remember to rest up.

August has another Major up her sleeve in the shape of the Moon on Water (The Moon card) which has for us the first few days of ideas forming, we need to allow ourselves to think and let the ideas just be. Forcing the ideas to come forth won’t help, but allow yourself time to think and let the fertility work on its own.

Major #17
The Pole Star

September has a court and the King of Bows (the Adder) sits in wait. He’s not trying to trick us, but there are a few here trying to rise up from the ground, males struggling for dominance. Is this an aspect I’ll see this month with the men in my life? With my sons vying for that top position with their father? If so, they’ve more chance of plaiting fog! But I must watch out with this with my own father and father-in-law.

October has The Blasted Oak in attendance and there’s two aspects with this card. We can either fear it and bury our heads in the sand, or embrace it and help make it happen on our terms. I’m in the camp of the latter part, so October has me clearing things out that don’t work, making changes.

November sees The Shaman, The Wildwood’s Magician, come and join us. Another Major, the man who has all he needs with no recipe and only a list of ingredients. What happens if he adds in too much arrow (thoughts and logic) with a large dose of emotion (vessels) but no grounding or fire? This is the man to tell you and with his skill, I’ll find the recipe that works for me.

December sees us hanging onto the month with the seat of our pants! This past December flew by and already felt like the horse had bolted! Goodness knows what next December will bring, since the children will be a year older than they are now, the baby will be walking and babbling away more than she is now. Oh, bring it on!

2014 New Year

May your troubles be less,
And your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness,
Come through your door

Happy and healthy 2014 everyone!

I used the Wildwood for this entire reading, and if you’d like your own Wheel for 2014 doing, book it here.

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The Wildwood : Adventuring in 2014

10 thoughts on “The Wildwood : Adventuring in 2014

  1. How great that you have mapped out the entire year for yourself! I love all the explanations you give and I like also that there is some speculation between the lines as well. Sounds like this will be a very creative year for you!

  2. Wowza! What a year ahead. I was focusing on September since that is my birthday month, but, alas, I do not have many men in my immediate family – just my husband and Dad. Hm…. I love that you have developed your blog so much – it looks great. I enjoyed reading what is ahead in the cards, in a simple way – I didn’t get bored reading it and that says a lot for a long post. Good job! And, Happy New Year!

    1. I’m glad it wasn’t boring for you Laurie, despite its length. It’s interesting to see and even more interesting to see if the advice pans out – sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t as you change your mind as the year progresses πŸ™‚

      Now, if you’d like one of these for yourself, let me know πŸ™‚

  3. I love that you have done a reading for the whole year. I do tend to neglect my own chart in astrology funnily enough. I think I should look at my transits for the year. Great idea!

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