Wildwood: 13th February 2014 : Chill

The Tarot does have a sense of humour and today is a classic example. When all around you are losing their heads, hunker down and chill out; endure the storm.

It’s as easy as breathing to get frustrated with life, the people in it, family, work, yourself. It’s totally understandable that as a result, you get frustrated with yourself too.

Pathway Spread from 13th February 2014
Pathway Spread from 13th February 2014

Using the Wildwood Tarot app, I pulled these cards using The Pathway Spread before I’d even set a foot out of bed. The first card up was The Seer; mysterious, knowing, psychic. She was / is my question. What does she say to you? What question do you have deep within that you’d love to know the answer to? You already know what you want to ask, but perhaps you don’t want to give that question a voice of its own quite yet.

youtubeAction to avoid shows us the indelible Goat, with a commonly felt keyword during this mercury retrograde; frustration. Are you trying to do much? Are you getting nowhere? Have you too much mentally going on? Do you feel as though you’re free-falling or missing the mark? The advice from the Tarot is simple: avoid that which is frustrating you. Fly above the snipes, comments, hocus pocus and mind games of others.

Five of Stones ~ Endurance

This brings us to the final card, the five of Stones, with its advice on what positive action to take. This little person, whomever they are (our young wanderer, perhaps?) is enduring the storm outside by taking shelter and doing practical things to survive, sustain, keep warm. It doesn’t look like they’re totally enjoying themselves, but every storm has to run out of puff at some point: it’s natures way.

This song, by Ronan Keating, was used at a family wedding and it comes to mind now. You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

The time to speak your piece isn’t here with us yet; wait until Mercury goes direct again.

Stay safe and if you’re into it, enjoy your Valentines Day. I hope that it’s special for you, however you celebrate it!

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Wildwood: 13th February 2014 : Chill

2 thoughts on “Wildwood: 13th February 2014 : Chill

  1. Hi Louise what a wonderful reading. As if it was just for me. Thank you! I’ve been so frustrated with my drawing/painting yesterday,that I would love to throw all my supplies out of the window and never try again. The advice card in such circumstances is great. I will sit out my storm and avoid the things that will likely frustrate me even more
    Have a loving Valnetine’s day too

    1. I’m so very glad it helped, Ellen! Taking a break seems to be the order of the day, doesn’t it? Have a great day my dear!

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