Wildwood : Weekend vLog & Decisions

The weekend is nigh and I slide under the barrier for posting any cards beyond the Blog Hop this week as if I were scoring in a rounders / baseball game. There’s a decision to be made but how swiftly do I make this said, decision?

youtubeThe vLog will do most of the talking, but here are the three cards. I hope that WordPress does what I want it to do with the graphics, but whilst I babble on, here’s my written thoughts on it.


King of Arrows is a character that’s direct, straight to the point, swift, dangerous. He strikes quickly and accurately, without discrimination. Whatever he’s representing for these next two days, it’s going to be swiftly and directly. The Two of Arrows is about making a decision, though her bow certainly does not appear to be broken under her feet. She’s weighing something up, but it’s not adding up. Maybe that’s what is causing her the issue and why she’s got the blindfold on, to avoid distractions. The Eight of Vessels is about rebirth, getting rid of the emotions that we no longer want, letting them return to the river from which they came.

This week, we need to make a decision, swiftly and let the consequences flow to where they need to.

Some decisions are easy to make, others are not. Some we don’t want to make for we fear the consequences; but I find that the decision is made, even if it’s unconsciously. The question is, do we act upon it, as the Kingfisher does, or do we procrastinate and do ourselves and injustice, then have to forgive ourselves afterwards? I hope that you’re able to make a decision and let the consequences flow out and return to the river of emotions from where they came.

I’ve used the Wildwood Tarot Deck and if you’d like your personal reading, you can find the booking page right here.

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Wildwood : Weekend vLog & Decisions

2 thoughts on “Wildwood : Weekend vLog & Decisions

  1. Hi louise
    A wonderful video. I love the way you keep asking questions and in that way involve the viewer in the reading process
    I wish you a full overflowing vessel this weekend

    1. Thank you so kindly Ellen! Since my blog and vlogs are kinda one sided, I have to ask questions – which is what the Tarot does any way πŸ˜‰
      May you have an abundance this week in return πŸ™‚

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