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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop where we look at the symbolisms of resurrection and rebirth in the Tarot, Oracles, Lenormand or whatever else takes your fancy. Come and join me in either waking up from the darkness or winter, or curling up for the long sleep ahead.


Welcome to my entry for Ostara, the time of year when the World is balanced, but only for a moment. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, things are warming up, we’re emerging from our winter chrysalis and emerging gently into our warm outer environment. We’re going through our resurrection and rebirth.

Major 3 The Green Woman
Major 3
The Green Woman

In the southern hemisphere, our friends are gearing up to rest and recharge before they’re reborn and resurrected in about six months or so.

What cards come to mind with all this resurrection and rebirth? The Aces are often a good place, the rebirth, restarting! Ten’s are good for the completion of a cycle. If we’re talking Majors, the Green Woman / Empress is great for new beginnings in lots of areas, not just mentally, but physically and psychologically.

Flower Bed by Stairs in Rebirth Mode
Flower Bed by Stairs in Rebirth Mode

For me, one of the greatest things I see every time I come home, is this image of the flower bed right by my stairs. The Bell Hyacinths are just starting to come out, the holly is just thinking about budding and flowering. The Daffodils are currently in full flowering mode and I, along with the kids, enjoy smelling them as we come up the stairs to home.

There is a lot of Magic about at this time of year, which brings me to the Wheel of the Year within The Wildwood. Mark and John have The Archer, The Shaman and The Stag associated with this time of year.

Magic is certainly one excellent word for this time of year! The magic that happens with a new born baby, the magic that happens when we curl up and go to sleep, never to awake. Some might not see that as magical. It’s a sad magic, the end of life, but it’s one we must all endure and go through, yet it breaks us into pieces when it happens to those close to us that we love, those who we are closest to.

So this Ostara, I’ll enjoy the Tarot evening I have planned with the ladies, I’ll enjoy the warm car and the lighter evenings. I might even get to drive to the location in daylight, though, not dry judging by the spring like weather I’m currently under! But well, it feeds the plants, the roses and the garden.

The time of Arrows has come. Arrows (Swords) are about new thoughts and new ways of thinking. So, tying back to Yule & The Midwinter Solstice, what are you doing about making your New Year thoughts manifest, now that the seasons have changed?

I used The Wildwood and my own personal photographs to make this post. I hope you enjoy!


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Tarot Blog Hop : Ostara : Rebirth and Renewal

16 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop : Ostara : Rebirth and Renewal

  1. I hope your evening is wonderful! A card-night with the ladies sounds really nice. Even down here in “sunny Florida” there is a sense of Spring having sprung. The maple trees (and some others) lose their leaves during the winter and have just recently leapt to life again with bright green baby leaves. Today my kids and I planted some fresh seeds in the garden. Your flower bed looks really nice, what great colors!!

    1. The colours are just fabulous, Olivia! I’m looking forward to seeing a rose bloom this year called “Absolutely Fabulous”. It’s supposed to be a soft pinky peach, but we’ll see! And yes, spring has sprug, for sure! Thanks for stopping by sweetie πŸ™‚

  2. What a beautiful flower bed you have. My youngest daugther and I have been in our garden the whole day.We have been planting a lot of pansies, and several perennial plants. The sun was shining but tomorrow it will be raining the entire day Yay!
    I hope you will have a wonderful evening.

    1. We did, thank you Ellen, even though it’s gone colder, I’m looking forward to getting into the greenhouse to clear it out and get this year’s tomatoes on the go! Spring is in the air for sure.

  3. Lovely thoughts on Ostara. We attempted our celebrations outside (Kent UK) but it was blowing a hoolie, so had to abandon! Hope you’ve had a great evening.

  4. Love this. I have peppers and tomatoes on my back porch just waiting for me to go get some dirt to plant them in. πŸ˜€

  5. The thought of coming home to the smell and colour of flowers is just awesome! I live in an apartment. Not much space for plants other than potted plants…and my green fingers are imaginary..haha…have been trying to grow some herbs though:)

  6. Isn’t it great to come home to colourful plants?! Mine are all in pots, but I’m loving the daffodils. Thanks for your musings on Ostara…

    1. Love daffodils, fushcia, freesia’s, roses… πŸ˜‰
      Combining the Tarot and gardening is proving…. interesting πŸ™‚

  7. I remember my English garden still. Never quite been able to duplicate in the USA. One of the things I still miss. Enjoy the new light, even if it’s coming from behind the clouds…

    1. The new light does come out from behind the clouds regularly, Joanne! Just, not as much as I would like at this juncture! πŸ˜‰
      What can you not duplicate in the USA? You’re further north perhaps, so an adjustment needs to be made? πŸ™‚

      1. Actually, it’s not a northerly problem; I got a lot closer to an English garden in New England when I was there, although in my area the soils were acidic, whereas in Norfolk I had chalky soil.

        The problem is that I live in the subtropics in southeast Texas. No lilac, no heather, and the roses never really get a rest, although I do prune them back in March anyway. They tend to like it dryer with nice winter to rest in. On the other hand, I can grow a number of things outdoors that are only indoor plants elsewhere (bird of paradise, ficus, bottlebrush, orchid).

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