Week Ahead : The Doubt Fool

It’s time to borrow a Latin phrase; “nullius in verba” with the Fool that doubts and doesn’t believe everything that he sees.

Seeing is believe, or so people tell me… Have you heard that phrase from Alice in Wonderland? It’s been years since I heard that musical, or the songs it contains. I don’t usually do musicals, I can’t watch the Sound of Music, or many musicals. I did manage to watch Les Miserable one day. Not sure how though.

5 - Doubt FoolBut the phrase, despite coming from a musical, is apt with this card. Do you believe all that you see? Do you believe the doubt and cynicism others spout out of their mouths? Sometimes we do, as we leave their presence feeling a hundred times worse than when we bumped into them. It’s hard to ask for help too, when we doubt ourselves and listen to the demon inner voice that we all have.

However, we have a lesson to learn here and that’s to listen to the voice inside us that isn’t negative, but hardly gets heard. Ego is the negative side, but the Id, its opposite, hardly gets heard. Some people are good with their Id’s, some aren’t. We go through situations, huge changes, where the ego takes over and it takes a while for the Id to come through.

Don’t doubt that the Id will be heard, but rest assured that the ego will be louder for a while. It’s been my experience that the ego will fade away, there’s less energy about you if you’re not heard.

So, this week, listen to yourself, don’t doubt yourself and when the ego kicks in, feel free to doubt it.

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Week Ahead : The Doubt Fool

2 thoughts on “Week Ahead : The Doubt Fool

  1. Hi Louise. What a coincidence. Listening to my inner voice is my theme for this month. I find it not always easy to hear that little soft voice insid , but as you’ve mentioned it is always gentle and kind and never speaking down on me

    1. Yes, I’m finding the same, listening to my Id isn’t easy, especially with ego being so loud! Glad I could help, Ellen and thanks for commenting 🙂

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