Wildwood : 27th March 2014 : Man Up, Woman!

The Tarot can and does like to smack certain folks around the back of the head from time to time. This week, it reminds me that the power is mine, man up and own it, woman!

Getting a Gibbs NCIS style clip to the back of the head is quite handy from time to time and the Tarot is quite good at taking either of its hands and giving us a huge clip around the head, just to ensure we’ve paid attention. This might be a long post, for which I apologise for now, but if you want to stay with me, this shows how the Tarot can help.

This week for me, has been long and in places, down right awful.  I don’t care if the person who is involved (who shall remain unnamed) ever reads this. This is why. Sunday 23rd March, I participated in a local craft fayre, offering my services to raise my profile locally. Even got another friend who makes jewellery and cute woollen things, a place at the fayre just by being a contact. Anyway, Craft Fayre is quiet for me, but I expected that. Did some networking on the day, finished up and came home. When I get home a person from another sphere of my life (A game called Ingress) raises a comment from the opposition along the lines of that I’ve conned people out of their hard-earned cash with my “false psychic skills”.

Firstly, I don’t claim to be psychic. Secondly, I’ve never conned anyone out of anything. I doubt I can con my way out of a wet paper bag. I’m as genuine and as honest as I can be. The fact that this comment came when this person was with eight (yes, eight) of their friends, was hurtful, but I’ve come to learn, this behaviour is not surprising. Not any more.

When I drew these cards, I’d slept on that incident for a few nights; however me being me, I kept playing it through my mind (I’m terrible like that, I’ll wager you might be too) and eventually, I breathed. These tactics were last used at school, for me, some fifteen or more years ago.

Pathway Spread
Pathway Spread
Card of the Day
Five of Bows ~ Empowerment
Card of the Day

However, they summed up exactly what I had been feeling. The Issue (First card) is the Five of Bows, Empowerment. It’s in the middle and this is what the reading app came up with: “By facing and defeating our greatest fears, we empower ourselves and grow more resilient and effective against adversity. This leads to the individual’s belief that they are no longer simply powerless. The empowered individual ultimately has the capability to influence and affect the outcome of events and change perceptions.”

Facing them? Really? Errr…. Okay, I know this is silly, I’m shy of the big four-oh, but I’d really rather not! However, if I don’t, I know from experience what the consequences are. Been there, done that. *sigh* So, grab my power back.

(dramatic pause)

“Hey, it’s mine! I had it, it’s mine. I didn’t give it over to you, you tried to take it. Sod the hell off.”

Major 5 The Ancestor
Major 5
The Ancestor

Action to Avoid: The Ancestor comes out to join us. Ever felt like you were doing as you were told? Conforming to the norm? Staying in line? Here’s what the app says. “The Ancestor greets you as you walk up the path that leads to the forest. She carries the wand of wisdom and the drum that summons all who can hear to gather and watch the sun rise. The Ancestor is blessed by the land, and by the divine knowledge that flows from the stars. She is a guardian of the sacred heart of the land and summons you by beating the drum to the heartbeat of the Earth. It is the part of you that unconsciously heard the drum and stirred the desire to walk the path at work here. This is a beginning. Once through the gateway you must strive to stay on the path and see the journey through to the end.”

She’s come up as an action to avoid: so, avoid doing what is expected, the “normal” stuff. Roll over and be a good girl? Ask for my tummy to be rubbed like a cute, daft puppy? Ha! Not really my style.

COTD - Knight of ArrowsAction To Take: This is more my style but at the moment, I really don’t feel like being clever with words, or playing games. I don’t have the brain power much these days. However, picking my moment and taking the high ground, knowing my truth.

Here’s what came up from the app. Quick, graceful and a master of the element of Air, the Hawk is symbolic of vision and power. The ability to fly and nest at high altitude and see prey and hunt from a great height brings a special reverence to this majestic and fearless creature.

Fearless? I have been, in the past. A skill I need now and long since forgotten how to invoke. Time though, to dust it off and use it.

However, in general, the Tarot is saying: It’s your power! Don’t conform or do what is expected. Pick your moment and be counted. Oh, trust me, I will! It’s time to man up, regardless of your gender. On this issue, something must be said. And something must be done. But it must be done at the right moment and it has to be done by me. Like I’ve not enough to do already. But giving into bullies? Certainly not in my remit… So, talons at the ready. I’ll strike when I have to.

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot here, as I usually do. Thanks for reading such a long post. I’ll try to keep it shorter next time. Video to follow, when I can!

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Wildwood : 27th March 2014 : Man Up, Woman!

4 thoughts on “Wildwood : 27th March 2014 : Man Up, Woman!

  1. I think it is so childish for grown women to gang up to one person. How powerless and insecure they must be :). Perhaps this spread is also telling you not to get involved in a endless fight. But as you said it: rise miles above them and see them for what they are: tiny nagging bugs. Just wait for the right moment to strike

    1. Good point about the endless fight, but I shall have my moment, when it comes. With this person, its a case of when, not if. I wonder myself why women do this to other women? Its a shame. 🙁

  2. What a wonderful and empowering reading. I read your emails all the time, but this one required a comment. Don’t let the bullies get you down Louise. You are one of the most genuine and honest people I know and are entirely undeserving of such treatment. Namaste! Teresa

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