Week Ahead : The Peace Fool

A week after the “Man Up, Woman” post, we have the Peace Fool come out and encourage us to watch ourselves from a different perspective.

Life is full of drama, fast flowing emotions, high tensions, and that’s just getting the kids to school! The Peace Fool sits at the edge of each of our lives and watches us be our own little hurricanes.

The Peace Fool
The Peace Fool

He (or she!) watches and occasionally, extends a hand, inviting us to step out of ourselves and observe the situation (and ourselves!) from another view-point. What would we think of ourselves if we do that? Would we like what we see? Would we despair? Hide our heads in our hands in shame?

To have peace, says the book (page 23) you must reach for it. Like anything in life, you have to want it and be prepared to work for it. Anything that holds you back, current conflicts etc. have to be let go of. Fretting, anxious recounting and worrying of the problems at hand won’t help you at all.

There is peace in accepting things as they are. What you don’t like, can mostly be changed. What’s the point in throwing a tantrum or having a hissy-fit about something over which you cannot change? That behaviour won’t help the situation, or you.

If the conflict is raging internally, breathe. It will improve your mood and ground you. Relying on external people and situations to change so you can find peace though, is like asking for water not to flow in a river, or the sun not shine high above the clouds. That’s foolish to ask for these things.

So this week, lets work on breathing, on being calm. On finding the calm within us and within situations. We have to consciously find that calm within ourselves and claim it for our own.

Ask ourselves this: When I am stressed, I need to do ……….. to calm down. When I have internal conflicts, I……….  To gain a peaceful heart, I must…….

I’ve used the Fools Oracle by Sonia Choquette for this weekly blog post.
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Week Ahead : The Peace Fool

2 thoughts on “Week Ahead : The Peace Fool

  1. I like to be mindful of how I feel and taking a step back to breath is just the way to do that. Thanks for reminding me not to hurry through my day:)

    1. I need to pay attention and not rush through my day too! The family are happier if I’m not the one stressing everyone out! 🙂

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