15th May : Wildwood’s Advise from The Pathway

It’s been a wee while since I posted to the blog. Like everything else, life gets on top of you and things go ca-ca for a while. Hopefully, I’m back on top again with the help from The Wildwood and The Pathway Spread.

To come back gently into the Wildwood’s therapeutic pools of knowledge, wisdom and calmness, I used The Pathway Spread via the Wildwood App (available in iStore & PlayStore) and pulled these cards.

Pathway Spread
Pathway Spread

“What do I need to know now?” was the question I asked.

The Issue is the Middle Card, the Two of Bows. It carries the keyword of decision. Do I carry on with the blog or do I put it down and put it on the back burner for a wee while? Well, the decision is fairly easy to make. I love talking and I love receiving comments, but I had no concept of how busy it would get with the three children around, even if one of them is asleep for a good chunk of an afternoon!

Action to Avoid comes up as the Ace of Stones. The Foundation of Life. Well, the impression is that starting all over again isn’t an option. To be honest, that hadn’t even occurred to me, but even starting up a new blog, there will come a time when I’d tire of writing, of having to index the site, SEO it, etc. etc.

Action To Take comes up as the Queen of Bows, which is represented as the Hare in this deck. A hare, by the way, isn’t a rabbit. They’re different breeds. This being a court card, starts to become interesting. She could be someone in my life who is dedicated with great self-assurance. She’s committed, kind and quick to defend her friends. She’s sympathetic, empathic, warmth, but she has her negative sides too. She can be jealous, unpredictable, rivalrous and unpredictable. How can she influence those around us? How can these plans be fostered now? Can I be more courteous and understanding? Well, yes, I can. But I must remember to engage the little grey cells before I open my mouth and produce verbal diarrhoea.

Switch the questions to yourself. How do they fit? Did this make you think? Do you know what action to take next? I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback.

I’ve used The Widlwood Tarot, as always.

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15th May : Wildwood’s Advise from The Pathway

2 thoughts on “15th May : Wildwood’s Advise from The Pathway

  1. I read the hare as a part of yourself which is energetic and warm and confident, but nowadays a bit overwhelmed by daily life and three kids. Why not write and blog when you feel like it; when your inner Hare is awake. Rather than seeing it as a chore it could be a refuge; a safe haven to be yourself for a while instead of a mom
    Good luck with the decision making.

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