19th June: Thank You, TABI

It is nice to be thanked and it is even to see gifts you’ve made, given or received, being appreciated. It’s nice to say, thank you.

Absolutely Fabulous, Darlink!

Sometimes, you can’t see the gift being appreciated, for it needs to grow, of the recipient needs time to play with the said product. In this case, the “gift” was a rose and she it was sent, had just had its first pruning, so I had to wait to let it grow and flower. Those folk with TABI know, I love gardening as much as Tarot and my favourite flower is the rose.  I’ve loved roses since I was around 9, when I saw my elderly neighbour prune his and cut off a rose accident my from a branch he had pruned and was going to throw away.

I played my face and he gave me that rose. Into a little vase it went and for as long as the flower was there, I enjoyed its scent. It did of course, die, like all cut flowers and flowers in general, but I loved that red rose for the length of time I had it. It was because of this elderly ex-fireman of a neighbour, that I got into gardening. It is at his grave I place the joy of watching Gardening programmes, learning what I could.

Ten of Vessels Happiness
Ten of Vessels

The picture of the rose you see above (or to the side, depending upon your settings) is one TABI sent me earlier this year. Its called “Absolutely Fabulous” and the colours are just that: absolutely fabulous! The scent is divine and its growing really well in my tub of home-made compost and well-rotted manure. How can we celebrate this in the Tarot? Well, I talked through the Wildwood Tarot, looking for cards that were especially happy and generous, group settings and

Now, since this was given to me as a gift by the Tarot community that helped teach me the Tarot, a journey I began again some ten years ago now, I find it fitting that I pulled the seven of stones,  ten of vessels and the nine of vessels to reflect on such a journey.

So, thank you TABI!

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19th June: Thank You, TABI

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