3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

It seems all I am doing at the moment, it trying to catch my tail. If I were a dog, I’d be dizzy. Actually, I’m dizzy most of the time anyway, running here, there, everywhere, doing this and that for one member of my family. Can the Tarot help or advise me how to slow down?

I’m sure it’s June, but the weather has other ideas. Life, however, carries on at break-neck speed and I’m sure I need to catch my tail. I’m not sure what for though, but I am sure I need to! So, I pulled three Tarot cards to advise me on how to deal with this feeling of never-ending-dizziness.

Ten of Vessels Happiness
Ten of Vessels

The first card up was the Ten of Vessels, with its keyword of Happiness. Be happy in the moment! I enjoyed a little dance with my baby girl today, Jimmy Somerville & Mighty Real came on the iPod. I got dancing in the kitchen, doing the chores, the baby started dancing in her high chair whilst trying to eat her lunch. It was so carefree, it was great! We then had a dance to Dire Straights, The Bug. So, be happy no matter what you’re doing. Okay, Jimmy dancing in front of a big screen that shows planet Earth is rather metaphorical, but if dancing makes you happy, dance like you are on Top of the World.

LethargyThe next card up was the Four of Vessels. Bored? Well, with the break-neck speed of life at the moment, I really need to learn to catch my tail quicker, but don’t get bored! If you do, you’re in a rut and it takes an age to get yourself out of it. Well, it does with me and I’m pretty sure it is the same for a fair few folks too! So, if you’re bored, what do you?

Ace of Bows
Ace of Bows

You jump along to the next card and light a fire under yourself and find that spark of life again! The last card up is the Ace of Bows, with the key phrase, Spark of Life. I grew up listening to quite an eclectic mix of Country & Western (as it was then called) and heavy(ish) metal / soft rock, so I often had Deep Purple, John Denver, Rainbow and goodness knows who else blaring out from my father’s HMV music system when I came home from school in Scotland. What a greeting to come to, a house full of music!

I grew up with music and the first song I ever remember singing to someone outside of the family, was one of John Denver’s tracks (featuring Emmy-Lou Harris): Wild Montana Skies. I love the words in this song, I love the sentiment behind it. Please do listen if you can, this is what to me, the Spark of Life is about. The hopes and wishes for a son you’ll never see grow to a man, the wishes and hopes for yourself. The finding of your own way back home in this sometimes huge and sometimes, small World.Β  I am lucky, I’ll get to see my children grow, at least for as long as the Goddess allows me to be on this Earth, but if you want a fire under you,Β  light yourself some motivation.

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot for this post. I trust you’ll find a way to enjoy the songs I’ve picked and that you’re not stuck in a rut. Right, best I be off to catch my tail. My bottom is getting hot!

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3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

12 thoughts on “3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

  1. Wow! What a great reading for the situation. Love your interpretation. I see it as a reminder to be mindful – count your blessings (10 vessels), pay attention to what is in front of you (4 vessels) and you will recapture that sense of being grounded (Ace bows).

  2. Hi Louise, I wonder if you really want to slow down or simply to move in a non-circular direction. I like your eclectic taste in music !

  3. Great post Louise We should take more time to do the things we love and be mindful to love the things we do. This could change an ordinary day into a party πŸ™‚
    Love John Denver! Always have and always will. As I am writing this Montana Skies is playing in the background.

    1. Hey Ellen! We should, and even I forget to do that, from time to time. Actually, forget time to time, quite regularly!! But I had a little party with the baby, so all is good πŸ™‚

    1. It is my all time favourite JD song. My totally favourite song? Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel πŸ™‚
      But dancing with the kids is fun! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Louise – Well, another card for me to analyze and a bonus of great music, too. I am not stuck in a rut. Just the opposite. Lots going on – I need to slow down perhaps?

    1. Hey Laurie, hello πŸ™‚
      Now you have me humming Simon and Garfunkel’s “Feelin’ Groovy” πŸ˜‰
      Hello lamp-post…. Can you be bored with so much to do though? Or is it a case of too much to do, so you don’t know where to start? πŸ™‚

  5. you know what is the best part of this post? the fact that you use the cards to help with your own life and not just to advise others. its very refreshing. and music can be a great help in getting us moving. my dog has given up chasing her tail in preference of chewing on her bottom. so there are worse things than chasing your tail. good luck, max

    1. Max, thank you for stopping by and thank you for the retweet and the compliment above! I try and show how the Tarot can help, the best way I can do that, is to read almost, for myself via the blog. I usually ask a bunch of questions at the bottom, but I forgot to this week! πŸ˜‰

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