13th July – Protect And Survive

I downloaded a power animal app this weekend, having not been able to find Ciro Marchetti’s Oracle of Visions. The key words are interesting, as it is what I want to do, not what I feel I ought to do.


I feel like I should shout out my lungs at the top of the world, at the moment. I don’t know why, but having the rat come out is kind of synchronistic, advising I should just stay in the shadows, watch. That might be the wiser option. The first part, abundant reproduction, I’ve certainly done my part towards! Stealth, I do need to practise; I’m not as quiet as I need to be, I know I don’t observe as much as I ought to.

I do feel as if people expect answers from me all the time, being a mother and wife, I’m supposed to have answer, aren’t I? The thing is, I don’t. I know that to have them all to hand is a lie, for it is pretending. It’s okay to not have the answers, I just need to be kind to myself when I need to give something time to evolve, the time to change and have the answer: Que Sara, Sara.

Perhaps engaging head-on won’t be the best defensive tact to utilise, but that’s okay. There are other options, other ways and the rat is very very good at finding other ways around problems, puzzles. This isn’t a case of: “Dude, where’s my cheese?”  Its a case of” “Dude, this way, on the unbeaten path for more cheese!”

I’ve now got the song, Protect & Survive by Runrig going through my head, and this is what I think rats are very good at doing. Maybe taking a leaf out of their book isn’t so bad. I shall have to check with Master Splinter though, he’d know!

The image is from the Power Animals app via PlayStore.

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13th July – Protect And Survive

2 thoughts on “13th July – Protect And Survive

  1. I know how you must feel. The constant demanding can be so exhausting. Especially with small kids around you all day. Hurray for summer vacation! “I don’t know” is a wise answer to say after the zillionth time of “WHY???”
    I’ve downloaded the app myself too and it is kinda fun

    1. It’s the “I don’t know” in the tired voice that is starting to grate on me, Ellen, it’s … urgh, I don’t know, beyond exhausting!! :
      Glad you’re liking the app! 🙂

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