27th July – Power of Language

We’re back with the Power Animals for this week and we’ve an interesting animal to help us communicate in our language and in thinking before we speak; A lesson I never seem to learn.

I’m terrible for opening my mouth and letting my belly rumble before I’ve engaged my little grey cells. By the time my grey cells have engaged, the moment is over and done with, I’ve said what I’ve said and you can’t undo it. I never seem to learn that I need to think and ponder first, before I engage my mouth.

imageParrots use a lot of body language to “talk” and communicate with others. They’re beautiful birds, colourful, vibrant. Language and communication can be that. We often call foul language pretty colourful, don’t we? Or is that just me with three sets of infant ears to protect?

The other word in this list to the left is mockery. The word mockery, by definition, is: “teasing and contemptuous language or behaviour directed at a particular person or thing.”  Certainly the shadow side of the Parrot card, isn’t it? Is it nice to be mocked? You don’t need a mother of three to give you that answer! Nor do you need an Oracle Card, app or a Tarot reader to tell you that behaviour isn’t very nice. We try to educate our children that mocking people isn’t nice, but we as adults do it ourselves, don’t we? It can come across as humour and when others laugh, it endorses that humour, so we learn to think that it’s acceptable, that it’s okay. But it’s not.

Beautiful Parrot in Flight

Take the situation in Detroit at the moment, bought to my attention the other side of the pond by Social Media. That’s ironic? That’s wrong and to my mind, makes a mockery of being the “First Nation” with a bill of rights that is longer than my inside leg measurements of 31 inches, if it were to be laid out.

Blogs can be the positive side of communication, at least that is how I use mine and this week, even if the rain does fall, I shall endeavour to engage my brain before I speak and double-check my emails before I type. Now that, is going to be a challenge!

The image is taken from the Power Animals app via PlayStore.
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27th July – Power of Language
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