Weekly Power Animal : Healing

This week,  we’re joined by The Snake who reminds us that the healing gifts we have,  are loaned and should not be feared.

We all need to heal,  either physically,  psychologically or spiritually.  Our mind is one of the strongest healing forces we are born with,  so keeping them clear and not letting them get bogged down can only be helpful to us.


Are you afraid to think of actually achieving your goals? Are you afraid of passing that test or exam? Of going for that new job,  perhaps? We always jump when we’re made to,  but what if we jumped when we realised the situation we’re in was making us ill?

It’s recognising that illness and then doing something positive about it.  Let’s imagine that we’re caught in an alien vortex of white light and we get told the truth,  gently.  Well,  we can do that ourselves,  no aliens involved.

We can visualise ourselves standing in the white column of light and purge what doesn’t resonate with our soul. We can allow the psychic debris to flow down to our get and back into the Earth beneath our bare feet.  Mother Earth is quite good at recycling crap into new life,  just think of the worms in a compost bin.

Letting ourselves be afraid of healing our psychic,  spiritual selves is very counter productive and if we can help others heal,  we can heal ourselves too.  We can show compassion and love to others and to ourselves,  which is healing.  Isn’t that a true miracle?

This week,  let’s take this new month and heal ourselves,  and those around us

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Weekly Power Animal : Healing

8 thoughts on “Weekly Power Animal : Healing

  1. The snake it a great symbol for this process. He sheds his skin when he’s outgrown it. Just like we can shed thoughts and habits which no longer serve us or are past their expiration date, only to make room for healing and compassion
    Wonderful post Louise!

      1. Love this post – it resonates so well with me at this moment! The Snake seems to be following me around right now – over the past month I’ve pulled this card so many times from the Avalon Oracle. I even came face to face with a real live one in my local library of all places (!). Think someone’s trying to tell me something, Louise?

        1. Your local library? Were they doing a show and tell with the animals? My local libraries do that regularly, the kids love it! And yes, I think you’re being told to shed what isn’t of use to you any more 🙂

          1. Yes, it was a show and tell. It was great and my daughter loved it – needless to say she wants a snake now:) Until that day I’d been quite frightened of snakes but when I saw this one I just wanted to touch and handle it. I think that’s very telling in the light of your reply, Louise

          2. Aww, how cute! My sister had one when we were growing up. I was never brave enough to hold it, despite the fact it was small. I’ve stroked one since, and can’t believe how smooth the are though! Did you manage to be brave ennough touch and handle it? 🙂

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