8th September : Getting to the Point

I was poorly last week. This week, I’m back in the saddle and gearing up for a great week doing face-to-face readings; but what’s the point?

The point of my job, is to be direct, but to be gentle with it. My role, is to cut through the woodlands, the trees, the nonsense, the smelly stuff (insert your own chosen word here) and point out the obvious, which, when observing from the outside, is clear to me.  This is the central card here in the spread shown below, The Archer. The Archer is direct, no-nonsense, driven. For the moment, I feel that is what I’m being asked to engage with, the path to follow.

The Archer, The Lovers, Page of Bows ~Stoat, point

Action To Avoid ~ The Lovers | The Issue ~ The Archer | Action To Take ~ Stoat

What won’t help with my role? The Lovers comes up in answer, and as much as I love myself and my family, they shouldn’t come up in the reading, nor be used for comparison. They say when two people fall in love, it’s rather sickly. Well, that reminds me of sugar-coating things, beating about the bush. I’ve been called tactless before (well, several times!) but I don’t need to go the other extreme either and be all sugar-and-spice (I can still be nice though, honest!)

The Page of Bows carries all these thoughts forward. The stoat is a great hunter with a fierce hunting instinct. I’m not going to embody that personality trait, per say, but being able to reconcile The Archer and The Lovers and merge the two. The book says that my gifts are seen as widely recognised and honoured. That’s a great feeling and a great honour. As someone else in this trade was quoted to this morning: With great power comes great responsibility.

What’s the point of your job? What do you see in the cards? Are you sugar-coating things too much? Could you do with being a little more direct, more decisive, more to the point? It’s time to engage a higher gear, aim high, fire true and strive towards your target with confidence.

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot deck for this weekly reading, which I’d be very happy if you’d share around a little.

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8th September : Getting to the Point
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