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It’s The Autumn Equinox and as I celebrate a fantastic twelve years of marriage, our wrangler asks when did the Quantum Leap of Tarot happen for me?

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Firstly, WELCOME, whether you’ve come from Joanne’s site or landed directly here! (If you’ve come from Rose Red’s bonus blog, welcome too!) I have freshly baked bread, berry jam and butter.Β  It’s getting cooler, here in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s Blog Hop time again! In order to answer Morgan’s question (he’s wrangling this time) you may need a little background and context.

I tried to read the Tarot back when I was sixteen (so, SO many moons ago now!) but what was in the little white book (hereby known as the LWB) and what I felt, where two totally different things. My mother walked in on me and asked me, rather reservedly, if that was the Tarot? I said “Yes?” and she pulled a face. “I don’t want to see them again in the house, okay? They’re evil” she said, walking out of my room. Which was weird, as my maternal grandmother, read tea leaves!

quantum leap
Ace of Vessels
Waters of Life

But that’s by-the-by, the two (the book and I) were out of kilter, so I did as mum said and put them away, though I did try to sneak a few more goes after that point I’m sure. Until I was twenty-four, living with my fiancΓ© (now husband) and he bought me a book about Witchcraft. In there, was one little, teeny chapter all about Tarot. It spoke to me and made my soul sing. It got me to dig out my only deck at the time, the Traditional Rider Waite and with the hubby’s suggestion of finding a Tarot group on the internet, I found TABI.

My Quantum Leap moment happened somewhere within my course time at TABI, the organisation I joined that very November (some twelve years ago, how synchronistic is that?) when things just started to flow, connect and actually work. I learned a lot from that course (no, I don’t believe it was that long ago!) and I never really stop the learning.

Quantum Leap moments happen during readings, both for the client and myself. I have a problem with The Emperor Card (Major 4, or The Green Man). I can’t see the positive side of him very often. In fact, hardly ever. I still read Tarot books on my “down” time, starting with that card and then any others, to gain perspectives I might have missed. It is all about learning and working to that Quantum Leap moment, one step at a time.

We’re in the time of the Vessels, from the Wheel that the Wildwood uses. The time of emotional restarts, which is probably why there’s traditionally, a lot of job moving around this time of year. We want to change how we feel and if we’ve fallen out of love with our paid jobs (I haven’t, this is my paid job, but might not be yours) then we strive to change it. Or we decide to change it before Yuletime comes.

Which brings me to the next Quantum Leap thought: what if, you just jumped? Just went for it? What if, you changed jobs / got out of a situation, before things turn south and head down the nearest lavatory? Here’s a little spread to help work out that: What if?

Quantum Leap
Autumn Equinox Spread

Card 1: Benefits of making a change now
Card 2: Drawback of making a change now
Card 3: The next step

Have fun with that little spread and now, it’s time for you take a cupful of fruit punch from the bowl by the door and wander off to see what Stella at US Games has to offer.

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Tarot Blog Hop : That Tarot Quantum Leap

21 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop : That Tarot Quantum Leap

    1. *lol* Thank you Karen! I had a pint of tea and three slices of toast, Anniversary morning! Freshly baked fruit scones today, thanks to my wonderful mum! Care to come for tea? πŸ˜‰

  1. I’ll take the jam and bread, and the cool weather as well! Even though it’s still quite warm down here in Florida, the sense of autumn is verrrry slowly descending (or maybe it’s all in my mind!). Happy almost-TABI anniversary!! πŸ™‚ Your spread is perfect, I think I’ll try it out tonight!

    1. Yes, 12 years this November for TABI, 12 years for married life (but 17 years together!)
      I’d get less for murder I think!! πŸ˜›

    1. Hey Ali πŸ™‚ Yes, I’ll get there with him, but he’s certainly one I have to have a wee dance (thought wise) with afore I speak aloud with him about πŸ™‚

  2. Happy anniversary! I too share your struggle with The Emperor (as well as maternal reaction in my teenage years – glad we both made it out into the open!). Thanks for sharing (and for making me long for fresh-baked bread :)…)

  3. I have more trouble with the Hierophant than the Emperor, Louise, but I do understand the need to push back on all that masculine energy sometimes.

    I do love your husband, though (no, not that way!) for supporting and fostering your Tarot and Witchcraft passions, which he could see even when you’d put them away. Brings me to tears, it does. You have much to celebrate, indeed! And the children blessing on top of everything. So wonderful!

    I did lay out three cards for your spread and got 7 of P, Page of S, 4 of S. So, there will be a fine harvest of material blessings from this change, but I need to make sure I don’t move too fast, perhaps, but allow for rest between the challenges of…moving house in my case. Thanks so much!

  4. Heartfelt as always, Louise. I need that cookie recipe… they were delicious. Thank you for a very usable spread too.

  5. Hurrah for your hubby, getting you on the right track for you. And I love your spread: short and to the point. Makes me ask myself what leap I might like to make… πŸ™‚

  6. You know your opinion about the a Emperor and how hard it was to sometimes see the positive of him? I had the same issue. And your last question on the “what if” ..what if we do this, what if we do that…what if we change job….funnily the questions kinda sync with that same perspective of the Emperor….I spend my life ignoring the expectations of people more experienced, older,wiser, like mum, my bosses,etc to the typical Emperor archetype, in order to live my journey as the Fool….so yeah..I sometimes still hold that thought that it is difficult to see the positives of the emperor too.

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