Weekly Power Animal : Adapt

This week we’re joined by the lovely,Β  Mr (or Mrs) Fox and they’re here to remind us that we need to adapt to the changes happening around us.

Adapting to change is the biggest way to accept it. We can try to be a sea-side breaking barrier, but will that achieve anything of use? If the waves coming to us are too big, common sense tells us, to move. It’s self-preservation.

adaptIt’s also not easy to adapt to the change, to embrace it, but isn’t is healthier to accept that things never stay the same? Okay, you may have had to get crow-barred out of the situation you were in (boot, bum, kick!) but honestly, you’re not a limpet or a sea-snail, you don’t have to stay in the same place for the rest of your life. I rather think the days of having a job or one house for the rest of your life are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to change careers!

So, this coming week, with the latest Solar Flare hitting the planet, with the Pisces Super-Moon waning and the Autumn (okay, Fall, but only if you’re in the USA) slowly getting a good grip on our environment (Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you willing to accept in regards to change? What are you not willing to accept? Foxes move when the danger level gets too high for them or the cubs. Foxes adapt by finding food that we’ve thrown out (hey, it was going to the compost bin anyway, right?) or if you’re my cat, by catching it. Foxes catch their food too, if they can get access into your chicken run! But that’s another blog post πŸ˜‰

However my point is, Foxes adapt, so use their ability to change your rigid thinking this week. There are patterns of behaviour we all have that help us “cope” but are you coping well with things? If not, it’s time to adapt so you can get unstuck. There’s an infinite list of possibilities just waiting to happen, you just have to change lanes and aim for one of them.

fox, adapt
Red Fox, resting

It’s not the first time that taking a walk outside of my own four walls and breathing in nature, has yielded a great thought, idea or a plan that I’ve come up with. A plan, so cunning, I could put a tail on it and call it a fox. Cheers, Baldrick!

I’ve linked this beautiful image to the blog post I snuck it from, http://tailsofgold.files.wordpress.com but the other image is from Steven D Farmer’s deck, Power Animal Oracle Cards, which I took myself (hence why there’s two (c) on it.

I’d love to hear back from you, to have your comments and for you to share the blog post. Knowing you’ve done so, makes me a happy little bunny (that’s staying well out of that cute fox’s path!)

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Weekly Power Animal : Adapt

2 thoughts on “Weekly Power Animal : Adapt

  1. Lovely post. Yes accepting change is often difficult but the most healthy thing to do. When I look in the mirror a lot has changed over the years not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well (luckily:D) Without change life would be easy but sooo boring!!

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