Wildwood : Going Through the Motions

Mercury is about to go Retrograde and I have the urge to throw everything out and start again. However, the Tarot advises to go through the motions, join in life, make the most of the moment and wait. Darn it, waiting is not my favourite pastime!

I’m an impatient soul most of the time. I’m Pisces, I never stop swimming around. I’m the butterfly that flutters from one pool of nectar to another, I don’t know how to stop and stay still. However, the Tarot this week, advises me (and you!) that we need to actually stop and join in the dance of life. That’s the middle card, the Five of Cups. It’s time to renew our energy and we can do that by joining in the exultant sincere ecstasy of life as it is, right this moment. Well, since it’s my middle child’s birthday (and a small, significant one) that’s exactly what I shall do, for now. Go through the motions.

Pathway Reading – 17th September 2014

See the card on the left,Β  The Seven of Bows? That’s the card about clearing everything out that no longer serves a purpose. Cutting away the dead wood,Β  getting rid of the crap that we’ve accumulated and returning it to the Earth from which is came. However, the Tarot advises that isn’t what I should do, right now! Why is that? Well, for one, it expends energy in a direction I shouldn’t be. The whole point of today (and the rest of this week) is to enjoy the party, join in and BE with those we love and who love us in return. Go through the party emotions and enjoy the moments for my kids sake, as well as my own. Busying myself in a task that can easily wait, takes me away from the fun that the children want to have with their mum and dad. Result = bad idea!

The card to the right is the action to take and the Four of Stones is about protecting those around me and myself. I could exhaust myself, but then I’d end up a cranky, tired mum and what fund is that? The sun rising brings hope and renewed vitality, so you know, taking it easy, resting a little more (a few early nights might even help!) and giving my spiritually, wounded self some protection, is necessary. Am I spiritually wounded? That is entirely possible but I’m in the middle of it, so it is hard to say, isn’t’ it? But resting is better than wearing myself out, I say! Time to go through the motions and be a good girl! (Ha! Is that even possible?!)

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot with this reading (as normal!) and if you’d like to comment or share this post, it would make me happy for you to do so!

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Wildwood : Going Through the Motions

9 thoughts on “Wildwood : Going Through the Motions

      1. Been there, done that…

        It’s hard dragging yourself away, you just want to go back for just one more little thing. And that list of little things suddenly gets to be SO long πŸ™

        Have fun πŸ˜‰

          1. Odd… That’s exactly what I say, just before I spend the entire day, working through that list.

            In my case, it’s just signing petitions and spreading them on Twitter, but it doesn’t half eat up the time.

            I’ll let you go and have that R&R.

            Take care.

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