Tarot Blog Hop : Time for Afternoon Tea

I’m the Wrangler for this Tarot Blog Hop and I set the challenge to my fellow blog hoppers, was to invite someone to afternoon tea. Who would you invite? What might they be like?

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Welcome to my Blog Hop entry, whether you’ve landed here directly, or from Maria’s page or Leeza’s entry, I bid you a “Merry Welcome”

When I set this challenge, I struggled with what to suggest as a theme. We’ve done Halloween pretty much to death, but how to put a slant on the whole “new beginning” thing. However, the slant of giving thanks to the ancestors, was new, for me at least. My grand-parents weren’t exactly the picture post-cards of role models, so why would I want to thank them?

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea Set

Well, it’s not “them” I’m looking to have afternoon tea with. My mother would lament a few times about her grand-dad having his allotment, especially when she apparently went to visit and she’d run to the strawberry patch, then scoff what was ripe, denying she had when she’d get asked (despite the smear of red juice all over her very little, cheeky face) . I have a good idea where my scampish behaviour comes from, and I see that in my own three.

However, it’s that man I’d like to chat with. I know so little about him. It is from him, I think, that I got my green fingers. So, this Samhain, let me share with you what kind of man my great-grandfather was. Here’s a little background: I know he was Lithuanian, married to an Irish lady and then moved to Scotland. I have no idea when they moved, but that’s about all I know about him. I know his brother was a carpenter, he was a coal mixer, his wife was a seamstress / tailoress.

The spread I came up with was a six card Insight spread, but I used the Pentacle layout for the cards.

samhain 21/ What kind of person were you? – The Archer
2/ What were your good qualities? Ace of Vessels
3/ What were your not so good qualities? King of Bows
4/ What positive advice would you share with me? Two of Stones
5/ What negative advice will you share with me? The World Tree
6/ What’s your final parting words? Queen of Vessels

And very briefly, what I think he’s trying to share with me.

Card of the Day
Major #7 ~ The Archer
Card of the Day

What kind of person were you? The Archer
I was direct, straight forward. I spoke my mind and I never missed my mark. Your mother has these qualities, as do you.

What were your good qualities? Ace of Vessels
I loved intensely, like it was new, every day. I took nothing for granted and tried to show my wife that I loved her, each day.

What were your not so good qualities? King of Bows
I could get depressed when things didn’t work out how I had planned. I channelled my anger inwardly, then I found it easier to deal with if I aimed the gardening fork into the ground and channelled my anger into the garden and allotment.

What positive advice would you share with me? Two of Stones
Life is full of conflict, you’ll find people arguing and disagreeing all the time. It will not change, so wishing that everyone could get on, is a futile desire. Learn to live with the conflict and resolve it if you can.

Major 21 The World Tree
Major 21
The World Tree

What negative advice would you share with me? Major 21 ~ The World Tree
Life can be long, it can be winding. Getting to the spiritual fulfilment we want isn’t easy. It takes hard work, which is something people aren’t always willing to put it in. You’re the same, put the work in sweetie, there’s no other way around it.

What’s your final parting words? Queen of Vessels
You need to learn to keep a lid on your emotions. You’re wise, keep striving towards your goal and put the hard work in. It will pay off, though you’re not always aware of the reward until later. Enjoy the children, help them to be wise too.

I’ve written and explored my great-grandfather’s personality to an extend I have never explored before, using the Tarot, which I’ve never done before. So, this Samhain, who would you like to have a chat with?

Share the insights with the other hoppers in this chain, here are the links again if you need them, but I’m off with one of those mugs of tea and a biscuit to see what Leeza and everyone else has to offer.

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p.s Here’s the spread, as it’s laid out with all the cards:

Afternoon Tea Samhain Spread

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Tarot Blog Hop : Time for Afternoon Tea

19 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop : Time for Afternoon Tea

  1. Lovely post, Louise. I love hearing bits about other people’s families! The spread you created for getting to know your ancestor is really thoughtfully done, I love it!

  2. What a fascinating life and person, thanks for sharing that with us. I also really enjoyed the challenge to commune with one of my ancestors, so thanks for coming up with this topic, Louise!

  3. I’ve just had a random or maybe not so random thought… it seems quite a few of us know very little about out grand parents, which is quite sad as it’s not really that long ago… I wonder if that is one of the reasons why we blog… that whole leaving a legacy thing…

    1. It is a thought, Karen, I hadn’t even considered that. But it helps if you have nice grandparents and spend time with them. I didn’t have that, my children sure as heck do!

  4. Fab post and fab topic wrangler! I am going to use your spread to connect with my grand mother whom I have never met but I do feel is around me.

  5. It’s fascinating to see the Archer aiming at the rabbits here…as if he will take one out to just stop the arguing.

    1. I hadn’t noticed, well observed Chief! And yes I wonder if that’s how I am sometimes with the boys…. πŸ˜›

  6. I assume that, like me, you never had the chance to meet your grandfather. Lovely spread to get an insight into his personality πŸ™‚

    1. I did meet my grandfather, but not my great-grandfather, (who I picked for this spread) but despite being told I’d met him, I don’t recall him. I might have been around 5 when I last saw him?? I really don’t recall him, my grandmother, or very many of my cousins. Glad you like the spread, Ania πŸ™‚

  7. In my case, there were several feuds in the family, and there are a whole list of people that I know nothing about, other than no one was supposed to talk to them.

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