Wildwood : Marketing and Responsibility

Following on from the UK Tarot Conference rest, it’s time to start treating this marketing thing with a bit more responsibility.

Remember I said I slept through one of the lunch time workshops in this blog post? Well, the one I didn’t sleep through, was Maria Antoniou’s from the Brighton Tarot School. Like everyone else who is a single business lady (or man), busy parent, marketing yourself is like pulling teeth! Ask me about anyone or anything else, and I’ve a story to tell. But telling you about myself, what I do, and I go quiet.

InstructionMost people are like that, even a friend of mine who is going through re-branding her crafty-self is finding the same issues. But what, please, is the ONE solution? Maria’s top-level workshop was entitled: “Soulful Enterprise – 5 steps to a successful Tarot Business”  and the main cards were the central card and the three action cards. As for the 5 steps, I  must have missed that part! (I’ve asked her on Facebook what the 5 steps were) but there are a few actions I’ve either taken, or plan to take.

1/ Based on the 10 of Swords (The central card) I’ve removed myself from Tumblr. Yes, it was easy to feed the blog posts out to that platform (sorry to the 13 people who followed me there!) but I never went there and interacted, so why try to gain followers on a platform I’m not really using? It’s time to listen to the instructions of those that try to help.

Ten of Bows ~ Responsibility

2/ There is also the advice on collaboration, not doing things yourself. When you’re a one person business, you have to do a lot of things on your own. But are there some aspects I could do with collaborating on? We’ll see.

3/ There’s also the influence of the 10 of Wands. Which reminds me of responsibility and to finish what I’ve started. No, that doesn’t mean the bottle of wine that’s opened, or the packet of biscuits the daughter and I are munching our way through, but work obligations, with responsibility. I’ve started, so I’d better blooming finish!

4/ The last card was a puzzle for me, until I wrote this blog entry. It was the Page of Pentacles. Ah, the study card! One of the ladies at the Tarot Meet Up pulls this card quite often, usually at the start of a new course she’s doing. She’s ace at that, but me, not so much! However, I’ve got some reading and planning to do, which means, working out how all these pentacle cog type things fit together.  It’s time to start being clever with this responsibility & streamlining thing, lest I get swamped and those Bows break this poor back!

The fifth? Goodness knows what that step is! But 3 and 4 do combine to make for some good reading this coming week! 😉

If you’d like to comment on my take on these cards, please do, I like having my thinking challenged – honestly! I’ve used The Wildwood deck for the blog post, though I used Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Royale on the day.

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Wildwood : Marketing and Responsibility
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