Wildwood : Post Conference Snooze

I spent Saturday the 11th of October in London, UK, at the UK Tarot Conference and this week, I’ve some re-structuring to do. Thanks to the insights of the Tarot.

The UK Tarot Conference is in its 11th year now, and I’m looking forward to 2015 already!

If getting up at 4:15 am wasn’t bad enough for some folks, being awake an hour before because nature has the nerve to call at stupid o’clock of an important day is certainly tiring! Which is exactly how my Saturday started out. However, that early start certainly got me up and dressed before the first alarm at half-four, out the door before the second at four forty-five and walking to the bus stop to catch the bus into Birmingham City Central to get to the right station to head to London.

Major #17
The Pole Star

It’s unbelievable how quiet and peaceful the world is at 4:45am, and how by 5:15, the country just starts  jumping. It was amazing to see how quickly it all changed at that hour of the morning, when seriously, not a mouse or cat was stirring.

The moon was high and it did rather feel like The Pole Star card as I walked quickly along the local streets to the main spine road for the right bus.

What wonders would I encounter? What would I learn? Whom would I meet? I always learn something and meet someone who stays with me from one year to the next, that’s why I try to attend.

This year, Richard Abbott introduced us to Tattvas reading with the Tarot (never heard of it before, but he gave us his take on it), whilst Mary K Greer gave us a spread exclusive to the High Priestess. I met Maria Antoniou from the Brighten Tarot School (though, she didn’t know we had, some impression I made! :p ) who did a Business Tarot Workshop (hence the sentiment of restructure that I want to do this week) whilst the German Tarot Association visited and introduced themselves to the British Tarot Community (details of TABI handed over, of course. 🙂 )

Queen of Bows ~ Hare

There was another lunch time session, but having been up awake since 3:15 and up since 4:15, I sorely needed a nap, so I had a quick half hour in the corner of the other room. It did mean I missed Dr Lee Cross’s 3000 Year Bridge and his Earth Genome workshop, but I am glad I did, for it meant I was alive and functional for the last workshop from Mary K Greer and her rather fun, Tarot Circle.

After all that fun, I had more fun meeting up with another Tarot friend, someone I’ve connected with some eight years ago and never met, until that fateful Saturday night. (She reminds me of the Queen of Wands / Bows, though we’re both technically, Pages of Cups)

There were plenty of hugs, fun, food and wine in just that few hours. I have to say, I was so stuffed that on the way home, I wish I hadn’t eaten as much at the Conference!

It was a very busy, long Saturday and time spent with the family on the Sunday, I’ll be glad for a sit down and a few early nights this week, though that won’t happen with the current evening working schedule! (No, that’s not complaining, just saying!)

So next year, keep your eye on the UK Tarot Conference site (there’s an event in March, like an MBS Fayre, more details via Kim’s site) and come and join in the fun! (But be warned, your heart will be full, but any funds you take with you will be gone! Atlantis Books always has plenty in stock to sell and tempt, I promise you!)

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Wildwood : Post Conference Snooze

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  1. Great review Louise! You were sitting at the next table I think? (I remember the lilac jumper and your joy at winning the Anna K cards!). But I didn’t know it was you!

  2. Hey :), sorry it took me so long to reply but I love the analogy for me as QoW/Bows. After all I am a Leo ascendant with a lot of fire! Glad you had a good time and even more glad to have met you, let’s do it again with hopefully more time on our hands 🙂

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