Wildwood : 6 of Arrows / Swords

Following on from the Tribal Help, coping with the mental battle afterwards has me hunting for other takes of the 6 of Arrows.

So, my mental self has been up and down, dealing with the insurance company for a week whilst they sent out an assessor, wishing to speak with a loss adjuster, not getting that, the insurance company holding onto the claim for a week longer than they ought to have done. My mental self has been up and down, back and forth. I hadn’t realised I would be so up and down.

6 Swords - Witches TarotWhilst I was setting up at Zen in Moseley on Wednesday, I saw this card from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon-Reed. I don’t recall seeing this card before and I did do a double take and explore this deck a little more. I then started looking through the 6 of Swords / Arrows from other decks.

Six of Arrows

At times, I was the Eagle, flying high and over-coming the intrusion, getting things fixed, scheduling this and that in for repair and improvement, getting quotes for another huge family building project. It’s never simple and at times, when I felt like things weren’t actually going anywhere (but the windmills of my mind were turning) things became very much like the white bird at the bottom. Is that white bird a stork? Is it hurting itself? I’ve felt like that… internal frustrations and anger, manifesting in stress, which for me, means an eczema flare up.

Whilst trying to find a better (though perhaps different take) on the 6 of Swords / Arrows, I came across these images. None have spoke to me in the same way as that image did that Wednesday night.  Two sides of the same coin were shown at the same time.

6 Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot 6 Swords - Mystic Dreamers Tarot

6 Swords  Llewellyn Classic 6 Swords - HousewivesPerhaps you see these other images as ways to transition between negative and positive thoughts: A way to keep the mental balance in check. So, the Witches Tarot’s 6 of Swords “spoke” to me because it did, actually, depict the self mental torture of happiness and boarder line sadness and frustration that happens in life. The Housewives 6 of Swords is quite colourful too, but it doesn’t depict, to me, the sadness and shadow side of mental health. It shows you the balance needed, but not what you can do to yourself, or suffer, when things don’t go swimmingly well. Or at least, improve and move forward!

So, which rendition of the 6 of Arrows / Swords, speaks to you of the shadow side, the depressed (sad) side? I’m interested in what other images of the 6 of Arrows really show you the depression and defeatist views we all encounter when dealing with major things.

I’ve used images from The Wildwood, The Housewives, Witches Tarot, Shadowscapes TarotThe Mystic Dreamers Tarot.

Looking forward to your replies!

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Wildwood : 6 of Arrows / Swords

5 thoughts on “Wildwood : 6 of Arrows / Swords

  1. Hi Louise, without a doubt I prefer the Wildwood version of the Six of Swords for no other reason there is only one person in the boat and he has his hands on the wheel deciding for himself where he should be going f to find clarity and healing

  2. Actually I really like the 6 of Swords, it is that transition in between places where one might be a little uncomfortable but, after all safe. I always felt it as a positive card. 6 of Swords from Ellen Dugan’s Witches tarot does it for me. Very simple yet effective. There is an imbalance but it is being dealt with 🙂

    1. This wasn’t being dealt with, it was being unable to move or make a decision, because I wasn’t the only one making the decision. It was an imbalance and a frustrating one at that. :-/

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