Wildwood : Tribal Help Afterwards

This week, the Wildwood suggests that we ask for help with our responsibilities so we can move forward.



Certain things in life are sent to try us; being intruded upon in a violent way in the shape of a burglary, is certainly one for the “trying” category.

I pulled these cards on the evening it happened, but I’ve been wondering why and how they fit and today, it came together, in my head at least.

The Wolf calls upon his tribe to help and assist. I struggled with him in another reading not so long ago and it was the insight of another reader (Chloe) that helped me bring this reading into focus today. Yes, I could howl as to the injustice of it, but we got off lucky, nothing was stolen (this time) but the mess left behind leaves me wrangling with the insurance folks as to how to repair it and what is covered.

King of Stones, Wolf, was the husband and I calling on our parents much later, seeking advice on how to be more responsible with our possessions. Some great advice came back with lots of ideas and help from friends with suggestions about whom else to call. It was time to do the homework and investigate things alongside the insurance company. Thanks as well to the neighbour who man-handled the garage door back into it’s runs (our first “call”) that night then parked his car within centimetres of our garage door to help secure it for the night.

Six of Arrows

The responsibility part comes from ensuring that should this happen again, that things are marked up, locked down and it’s made as hard or as awkward as possible for the next time.If someone is that determined, they’ll get in but you know what, why should I make it easy for them?

The last card, the Six of Swords, I feel is about moving forwards. The fact that someone broke in, to try and take what wasn’t theirs, then left the door wide open for their mates to come and pilfer through, is a thing to be left in the past. Move away from it whilst getting things sorted and repaired, but leave it behind. Continuing on carrying that forward will rock your boat.

Time to carry on with the upwards, onwards and forward and repairing things, huh?

(Wildwood deck used, as usual!)
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Wildwood : Tribal Help Afterwards
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