Palmistry : Learning The Lines

If you’ve ever scrolled past the blog entry to my FAQ page,  you’ll have read that whilst I am interested in palmistry,  I’ve not, yet, found a teacher. Well, I may have found my answer.

Reading at Zen one evening,  I came across the The Palm Reading Deck by Frank C Clifford.  I’ve never come across this deck before,  but since I’m interested in palmistry (but I’m unable to find someone to teach me)  I figured,  “Why not?”.

The Palm Reading Deck

No less than 10 minutes later,  I was reading through the cards,  working out my hand shape and what it might generally mean.  Turns out I’m a cross between a fire and earth hand.  The aromatherapist who sometimes uses the adjoining reading space, asked me what I was doing,  and I explained. In explaining what little I’d learned, we then  went through and worked out her palm and hand shape,  which were totally different to mine. We both agreed, than Not all of it was accurate, but I’ll work out the why on that, later on as I learn more. I do feel that was me not knowing what aspects to use or totally understanding how palmistry fits together, quite yet, than anything else.

So now I get to work out lots of other cool things and have my palm print laid out before me,  where I can just turn the cards over and reveal another aspect of myself. Now,  this might take a little while to do it here for Zen (or for myself) but at least I feel like I’ve started adding another string to my bow!  The time required to learn palmistry is fine, I’ve the time. A little, regularly, like I did with the Tarot, and I’ll get there.

What have you learned this week? What do you want to learn this coming week? What structure of learning do you have in place? Do you have one? Do you need one? If so, why? This week I have a huge blog post to write for the Blog Hop (or at least, get started!), wrap presents, write & make cards… the list and life goes on, but when I do get chance, (when things quieten down) I’ll be working with this deck a little more.

If you’d like to reply to any of the questions here, please do! I loves comments, I do 🙂

The deck in question, for reference, is The Palm Reading Deck by Frank C Clifford and has the ISBN number of 978-0-7537-2297-8
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Palmistry : Learning The Lines
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