Wildwood : Keep Going

This week, I’m advised to keep going! I found some quiet time, shuffled the deck and pulled out the fantastic Queen of Vessels! Sitting on my behind and moping isn’t the order for this week. Blast!

keep going
Queen of Vessels

Not that I’m one for moping in general (okay, I’m female and a mum, I can mope with the best of them, honestly!) but the Queen of Vessels is just getting on with it, she’s keeping going. She’s off up river to spawn. Well, I’ve spawned enough, but maintaining the family after said spawning is a full-time job!

There have been times this week when I’ve just I’ve just wanted to hide. I know what I wanted to do and what I’ve been allowed to do are two totally different things. But seriously, I can’t just stop the world because I want to get off (though this week, I’ve certainly wanted to!) so I’ve got to keep going.

Like this Queen, I have to go with the emotions, swim along with them and carry on regardless. Being allowed to stop isn’t an option that’s open to me. It’s been times like this I’ve been grateful for the new (and strong) friends I’ve surrounded myself with, for without them I’d have gone even more insane than I would have done normally!

What does the Queen of Vessels say to you? This week, I’ve learned that she’s able, and willing, to ask for help. Not my greatest fortè, the asking bit, but hey, as we Scots say, if you dinnae ask, you dinnae get! And you know what’s nice? Being able to help someone else out in return, no favours, just because you can.

So I’ll keep on swimming up that river, keep going, keep on trying, never giving up. Because, really, is that even an option?

I’ve used the Wildwood Tarot here, as I usually do. Feel free to comment or share, I do love that!

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Wildwood : Keep Going
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