Wildwood : Earth Hands

The Wildwood is in the time of Earth, Stones at the moment. What insights can we learn if we combine Earth hands with the Stones of the Wildwood? I want to find out, if you’d like to come with?

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for most of the day, but it’s quite late on a Sunday as I start tapping things out with my paws (I never claimed to have dainty hands, they’re very earth like hands and to my mind, paws). They’re practically shaped for digging, and I wonder at times, if I were perhaps, a dog in a previous life? Sometimes, I want to wag a tail I just don’t have… But that’s more dream interpretation and a whole different post that I might (actually, probably never will) share.

Earth Hand

First, let me talk about the earth hand element. Earth hands are quite boxy, the fingers aren’t that long. In the time of Stones in The Wildwood, it’s the time of organising the material world. These hands were made for making, like boots were made for walking.

Like this time of year, people with Earth hands need to apply themselves systematically, work hard and plan ahead. Earth handed people hate to waste time, money or energy. (Speaking of money… πŸ˜‰ ) and those with an Earth hand are driven by financial rewards, creature-comforts and security.

This is all very familiar with the time of Stones. So is seeing for yourself, having hands on application and experience life first hand. Getting rewarded and being rewarded well for hard work is essential. However, stress is the downfall of an Earth hand, we don’t handle stress very well and we forget to unwind after a hard days night. We love sports, physical activity (and walking 10km with the dog in tow isn’t an unknown phenomena in this house), getting back in touch with a physical realm, such as building or gardening. These are also rewarding, even if they do need time.

Page of Stones

All those characteristics are very Pentacles / Stones based, which is what the whole suit is based around. Starting with the Ace, the beginning of a project, through to the Ten, the completion of it, to the bumpy road along the way. Adding in the Page, who watches and learns, to the Knight who doesn’t stay still, to the rich and powerful Queen in her cave of abundance and to the lonely King, who calls on his friends when he needs them, offering a paw or two when needed.

So, there’s clearly more than a link between palmistry and Tarot. I think I’m going to like this! But I am watching and learning, so Lynx, please come with me?

I’ve used two decks today, The Palm Reading Deck by Frank C Clifford & The Wildwood by Messrs Worthington, Ryan & Matthews.
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Wildwood : Earth Hands

4 thoughts on “Wildwood : Earth Hands

  1. I do have an Earth Hand. That sits well with my Taurus temperament, and I do like to be “hands on”, and I’m a creative person. Spot on Louise,,,,,,,,,,

  2. You just described my husband, Louise! He is always getting stuck in to the dirty work and hates being confined to his office. And he definitely does not handle stress very well! Thanks for sharing.

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