Wildwood : Who Are You This Year?

Mary K Greer has a wee system of working out what your Tarot Trump cards are for the coming year. I know what mine are, do you know yours?

Working out which archetypes are “with” us for a year (usually, birthday to birthday) is helpful. It’s like knowing which Angel and Devils are sat on your shoulders. The trick with the Majors, is that they can be good and bad, they can switch from “Angel” in the being helpful sense to the “Devil” and be a burden and difficult to use or understand, or swallows us if we get too close. Do you know who you are? Let me show you how to work it out.

Day of your birth (in my case, 7)
Month of your birth (in my case, 3)
This Year (2+0+1+5=8)
So, 7+3+8= 18.
That gives us The Moon (or with The Wildwood, the Moon on Water). But wait, there’s more! 18 is a double-digit number, so lets drop it down to a single digit, which (you’ve probably guessed it) is 1+8=9, The Hooded Man, or The Hermit. So, lets work out who I am, before we work out who are you!

who are you
Major #18 ~ The Moon on Water

If you’re good at observing, you’ll know from above, that my birthday is March, so these cards for me, I feel, don’t come into force until then.

On my left, we have the Moon On Water, the influence to use your intuition is coming into play this coming year. Things aren’t going to be transparent (bummer!) but it is a time to get beyond earthy awareness and this year, its inner transformation. Ever get the feeling that this is what you’ve been waiting for, but also being a wee bit scared of it?Β  Good, because that’s how I feel about this card and this coming year. It’s time to let my soul take form. There are two spirit guides that I am aware of. One, is a powerful salmon. The other, I’ve had since I was two, he’s strong and powerful, a land animal (not featured in this card) but as for his name, I have no idea. This coming year, it’s a rebirth! But I have to be careful that I don’t reinvent myself too much that I lose who I have been, where I’ve come from.

who are you
Major 9
The Hooded Man

On the right, we have The Moon on Water’s counterpart, The Hooded Man. This is if you like, the negative side of things for this coming year. (Queue the Robin of Sherwood music from Clannad). The Hooded Man is the Hermit in RWS, but this fellow is so much more! He represents the space needed for stillness and contemplation. (A hard thing to achieve with 3 active, growing children!) but he shines a light into every corner of my world (cue Katrina and the Waves) so anything I have to fear, I have to address, cannot hide. The shadow side of him, is that I might enjoy spending quite a bit of time alone, but I’ve neglected a few things these last two years, my magical studies for one. This Hooded Man survives even this cold, empty landscape because of his wisdom and will. And I feel I am lacking that in so many ways. I’m nearing the big four-oh, and I really don’t feel that much wiser than when I was, 19 or 23 or 27. I should do, I feel. This coming year, He is my inner guide and mentor but I need to be careful that I don’t lose myself in him and forget to live.

If you’d like me to work out who YOU are for this year and give you my insight, you can book your full reading right here (I’d love to read your year cards for you!).

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Wildwood : Who Are You This Year?

10 thoughts on “Wildwood : Who Are You This Year?

  1. Interestingly enough this will be a repeat of my birth cards. I’m a 19 again. πŸ™‚ so it’s a Sun, Wheel, Magician year for me. Moon/Hermit was this past year. Let’s see what I can get done. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, interesting cards indeed, Arwen! You’ve a tripple card year… The Angel, Devil and… What DO you call the third? πŸ˜‰

      1. Same a Arwen……I shall be a 19/10/1 this year. Angel – Devil – Wild card? Or maybe the 3rd will be the “Surprise” card!

        Janine x

  2. Ah my cards are the same as yours – we share the same birthday just different years. I can relate to what you say about both cards but also I see the Hooded man as a warning about rushing into things without careful consideration. I do feel this is a year to reinvent myself and not loose myself in my worries or anxieties by withdrawing from the world.

    1. Yes, that’s advisable, not to rush in. A skill I’ve yet to learn! πŸ˜€ (Maybe this year, eh? πŸ˜‰ )
      How’s things where you are. Helen??

  3. Hello Louise, I was very excited to try this method out as I hadn’t come across it before! I have just managed to work out my cards, and I use the Gilded Tarot. I am 13. Death and the Emperor, interesting! I already know what Death means for my year, but I will have to sit down and focus on the Emperor to see what he has to say. Right now I have a little ‘child distraction’ pulling me away again…

    1. Hi hi, Catherine! Are you Death, then Emperor or Emperor then Death? And yes, it is rather important / significant! Hope the “distractions” are safely tucked up in bed by now πŸ™‚

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