Wildwood : Because I’m Happy

This week, I pulled The Ten of Vessels from The Wildwood and immediately, I have Pharrell Williams song in my head. Oh, boy!

Okay, so it’s the first thing that comes into your head, given the keyword, but this week, I aim to be happy  in my birthday week. Soon, I’ll enter the last year of my 30’s and if it’s not the grey hair that indicates I’m not quite the young thing I was before the kids, it’s the kids themselves reminding me that I’m ageing slowly, with my eldest being 30 years behind me.

Ten of Vessels

With the youngest recently celebrating being a very simple, gorgeously funny two-year old, I’ve the eldest who is 8, going on 18 and one stuck between these two.What strikes me is that when it’s our birthday week, it’s time to do the things that makes us happy. That could be tickling the toddler, working out maths puzzles with the eldest, doing reading homework with the middle or our most recent fun thing, playing darts in the kitchen.

The dart board stems from the husband’s work, who have one for recreational reasons. Now, we get to practice playing and the kids get to do the maths. Already, the eldest has me beaten on mental arithmetic and the middle one isn’t far behind him! Maths wasn’t this much fun at school, I swear.

I intend on not celebrating my birthday until the day in question, as I won’t see some of my family until afterwards, due to them working but also, I won’t be getting my presents until the day in question. Well, one can’t have them early, can one? Even if they would make me happy!

So, if Pharrell Williams catchy wee tune doesn’t have you clapping along and dancing (it might not, but hard not to join in when the toddler dances) what does make you happy? Do you do something to make you happy each day? Does it make you smile, in a good way? Does it make someone else smile? If not, why don’t you try it!

I’ve used The Wildwood, in case you’ve not figured that out and you can find it on Will Worthington’s website, here. You can make me even happier and book your personal Tarot reading here, if you like.
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Wildwood : Because I’m Happy

5 thoughts on “Wildwood : Because I’m Happy

  1. Happy birthday 🙂

    If I may, there’s a question that I’d like to ask concerning the Wildwood vessel cards…

    There appears to be extra ‘hidden’ vessels in some of the cards, that appear to lead to other of the vessel cards…

    Ace of Vessels

    Has two extra – The pond, a vessel made from the earth itself, that holds the water, and a boat, in its full-sized version carries people.

    Two of Vessels

    Has the heart, a container that is supposed to contain the seat of emotion.

    The waters of Life ( Ace of Vessels ) and “Attraction” ( Two of Vessels ) can both lead to various forms of Joy ( Three of Vessels ).

    There are other vessel cards that form links to each other, and as I’ve only ever seen this in the Wildwood Tarot, I was wondering if this was deliberate, by coincidence, or am I seeing things.

    1. I hadn’t thought of it like that, but I see now what you’re saying, David. I feel it’s deliberate, Mark is quietly clever on this front, so I wouldn’t put it past him. I feel that they link better this way, don’t you? And I’ll remember your message on Saturday, thank you!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful week and a lovely birthday, with lots of presents and laughter and love!
    Big Birthday Hug

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