Wildwood : Call to Action

Even though I’m yawning my head off, the King of Stones is calling me to into action. Tired?! Ha! That’s for wimps! (NOT!)

I’m one of these creatures that requires eight hours sleep, per day or more! However, the last few mornings I’ve been woken up at a most unsociable hour by the boys. Whilst I’d love to put my head down and sleep, I’ve more chance, being honest, of plaiting fog.

King of Stones ~ Wolf
Card of the Day

When the King of Stones came out via my Wildwood app (courtesy of Fools Dog) I chuckled a little and thought: Being called upon to act for the good of the pack!

Then I thought, what IS the pack? The family, for certain. Calling to action? Or calling in reinforcements? Ha! Calling on Daddy (my husband) to be the daddy and lay down the law to the boys.

As I said above, I have to have eight hours sleep. I’m the crankiest, grumpiest, snappiest woman on the planet. Forget Momma Bear with PMT… I’m a snarling dragon if I don’t get enough sleep!

Growling Dragon (Or me without enough sleep!)

So, I asked the husband to have a word with the boys. I dislike being a grumpy, sleepy, snarly dragon. They, I am sure, dislike being growled at for waking me up at stupid o’clock. So, I’m calling on their daddy, I’m calling on my reinforcements. I’ve never been afraid to call on my husband and say: Sort the boys out (before I lose my temper) and he with me. Sometimes, it’s good to switch roles and hand the baton of the “bad” parent over to the partner.

I’m grateful that I can. Some aren’t that fortunate, that I am aware of.

So this week, I wonder what calls of action you are being asked to make. Or are you being called to do something, to help someone else? Are you the one that forever helps other members of the family, of your tribe? Remember to keep yourself healthy and safe.

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Wildwood : Call to Action
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