Wildwood : Slippery Little Suckers

The slipper little sucker that is the Knight of Vessels comes out to remind us that we have the ability to change, adapt and move as circumstances dictate.

I’ve been feeling in and out of water for a few days, with this coming up, I understand now I have the ability to slither across dry land, be the fish out of water, then head back into a comfortable environment of the water, though it might be a slightly different river.

Knight of Vessels

Occasionally, though, I do like to swim in the same river, be in the same environment, if only for a little while. These last few days, I’ve not had the luxury of being in the same pond as I had expected to I never seem to be in a smooth pond during birthday celebrations, something always causes ripples and whilst I could swim above them in my younger days, I find I can’t these days.

It takes me time to get over things, I dwell on things, turn them over in my head time and time and time again. There are times too, when I don’t know what blooming direction I’m swimming in, or where I want to go and I let the currents take me to places that emotionally, I ought not to go. But I still do.

Which brings me back to the eel. This slippery little sucker always has me saying that line from Pretty Woman, but they are slippery little things. That’s why they are so able to be between environments, if only for a little while.

This is what I feel the Eel is reminding me. I can be out of my own known environment, transfer to something new for a wee while, then come back to it all again. Perhaps wiser than before, but always with the sense of: Getting on with it.  Funny how the eel shows up during the kids long weekend break from school (teacher training :P), being at home for my birthday weekend.

So this week, the message is to adapt, go with the flow and if the flow isn’t taking you to where you’re wanting to go, change rivers, pools and find your own way.

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Wildwood : Slippery Little Suckers
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