Wildwood : Spring Equinox

Spring has officially sprung and even the Wildwood is sharing the warm spark of the season. What will spark in your mind, now that the weather is warm enough for fleece, jumpers & body warmers?

Oh, whilst I love the Winter and snuggling up in front of the log burner, a Tarot deck (or blog) to hand, and a big soft bed to curl up in when it’s time to sleep, I too love the warm of the spring and the summer that follows!

Ace of Bows

I love the banks of yellow daffodils in the spring time too, even if it does mean a busy time for me as a gardener. But that’s okay, I love the rewards around the Autumn Equinox and getting physically up close and one with nature.

But between now and then, it’s time to get the spark of muse going and see what makes you get out into nature and enjoy it. What makes you get excited? What makes you research things?

Like all seeds, they need a good solid base of soil from which to grow. What things are you doing to keep the ground that the seeds are in, fertile? What are you doing to keep yourself fertile?

Me, I go dig in the garden, or head to the allotment. I calm down from the mental highs by physically beating myself up, wearing myself out, in a constructive way. I just might need to spend twenty minutes in the shower afterwards, but that’s okay! I also find that any creative spark I need for one project (say, making a few cards or something else crafty) is started by doing something totally opposite.

So this week, the advice is; give yourself the time and space to let the muse strike. If it means you do something that isn’t sitting at the computer and trying to think of things to write, but getting out in nature and enjoying the spark of warmth, then give yourself that time.

I hope you enjoy the warmth, the spark and life! It’s SPRING, after all, even The Wildwood says so! I’m right here to help you find the answers you need with the power of Tarot.

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Wildwood : Spring Equinox
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