Wildwood : Recuperating

The Wildwood isn’t telling me its time for recuperating this week, I’m telling the Wildwood, I have to.

The first day back to school for my boys and I take ill with aches, shivers and cold. This morning, I could barely stand up, let alone take the boys to school! But with some cold and flu drugs being absorbed into my system, I fought my way through and did what all sturdy mums do: Carry on regardless!

Four of Stones

However, when the chance arose, I did nap, despite the ill-timed interruptions from the concerned neighbour next door and soon, I’ll be heading to bed, drugged up and hopefully, to sleep properly so I can heal.

It made me think of this card, and whilst this card doesn’t have the wood burning stove going at full pelt, this little deer is doing exactly what I need to do: which is protect one self.

Sometimes, the need of the one out-weighs the needs of the many.

So with this little post, I bid you good health, hope you don’t catch the lurgy from reading my post (thankfully, I know it’s not possible!) and hope to catch up with you next week. I need to be better for Thursday for the Meetup, you see. Trying to lead a group when you’re suffering with aches and shivers, isn’t wise.

I know I’m also very late with the Ostara newsletter, so I’ve chosen to leave that behind. I’ve started drafting Beltane’s, so keep your eyes peeled on your in-boxes come May 1st and if you haven’t signed up, why on earth not? Go on, it’s free (and we all like free things) and I’ll even try to be humorous! (Yeah, I know, not my style, but still, one can try πŸ˜› )

Be safe, until I post again with The Wildwood!

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Wildwood : Recuperating

8 thoughts on “Wildwood : Recuperating

  1. I know how you feel, so I hope you make a quick recovery, regardless of the demands of family and concerned neighbours.

  2. Firstly Louise…..I hope that you heal soon, and secondly I have it too, and am indoors recuperating! I think the little deer has the right idea too, so is a perfect example. Actually, I had thought we were out of the woods after the Winter and that we had got off very well from all the ailments around……but there you go, I was wrong. The little deer has enclosed himself in the womb-like space of the stones for protection and safety. I’m sure he will emerge when he is ready and has his confidence back again….just as we will…xxx

    1. Hi Janine. Yes, I thought I was “out if the woods” from it all too! But blast, not quite!
      Take it easy too, we both know there’s no rest for a woman! πŸ˜€

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