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This week, Captain Still, the King of Vessels himself, the Heron, stops by my little Wildwood corner. But he’d better keep his beak out of my fish pond!

Several years ago, a Heron properly emptied my fish pond, bar one fish. When I got it stocked up again, the netting went over the top, keeping Mr Fish-Eater out of reach of my new little fishes. However, they’re not just about the empting of fish-ponds!

Card of the Day
King of Vessels ~ The Heron
Card of the Day

The Heron, the King of Vessels, is very much a symbol of a silent figure. If you’ve ever seen one in the ponds of many of our parks, you’ll recall how graceful they look. Until they try and take flight, then they look gangly and awkward.

Heron’s are great at waiting, they’re patient, silent and when they strike, quite deadly, at least to the fish they’ve just captured.

This isn’t a card I’ve pulled out very much, so I’ve had to check & read the book. The Heron is apparently the guardian of many esoteric secrets and is said to stand in the gateway between life and death, to act as a mediator on the soul’s journey to the Celtic otherworld and reincarnation.

The Heron, by accounts from the book, has a deep belief in fairness, honesty and honour. It colours everything that you do, when the Heron is by your side. The profound depths of character (I’m quoting from the book here) one has, is stirred into action, they carry all before it. The Heron can appear too rigid, too self controlled.

I get the rigidity, the self controlled, the stillness, but for the King of Emotions? They don’t fit with him, not for me. The book has the following listed for tracks and pathways: Artistic ability, honesty and integrity, purposeful equality, responsibility, consideration of others, affection, support and companionship. Some of those qualities, I get with the King of Emotions. I get that he’s a still character with emotions that runs deep, he’s not as huggy as us Pages, but he cares. He has an emotional boundary that won’t be crossed, unless you’re family.

One of the best bosses I ever had, was a King of Vessels. He’d never hug you, the protocols of work prohibited that, but the emotional support was there, always. He made me think, emotionally. This is how I see the Heron, confined by protocols, but there emotionally.

What other qualities do you see in this particular King of Vessels? I’d love to read your take on him!

I’ve used The Wildwood, drawn by Will Worthington and conjured up by Mark Ryan and John Matthews.
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Wildwood : Still as a….
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