Women Who : Clean

I felt like pulling a card from the Women Who Do Too Much, to pull the Cleaning card?! Sheesh, even the Oracles are telling me to clean and sort the house!!

CleanHaving been ill with what appears to have been viral tonsillitis (and boy, did that knock me for 6!) things have been a little… err… slack. The redecorating hasn’t been done, it’s very hard to climb a ladder when you can barely stand up!

This week, I’ve a mountain to climb in catching up my tail in regards to cleaning, however, when I pulled this card, I did think: Oh, go away! (Or use some other colourful language here, I do swear, honestly)

Then I turned the back over, remembering that there’s further advice on the card, and I had to smile. “Do a little bit of cleaning at a time” says the card. And oh hell yes, that’s exactly what I aim to do!

CleanSo, I got hooked up into Trello (through other things), and my “to do” list is getting longer as I add things on, but it’s going down at an even slower pace. This is normal, right? (Ha, and I know there are a lot of things that aren’t normal, for everything has its oddities that set it apart)

However, a little bit (of doing / being clean or anything) is always a good thing! So when I’ve finished typing up this blog entry and posting it, I’m off to the workshop to see where the sugar soap is and how much paint I have in stock already compared to what I know I am going to need. Before I paint, the walls need to be clean.

Little and often is the order of the day (indeed, of this week!)  so off I go to go and do a little bit more, because I must.

I’ve used The Women Who Do Too Much Oracle deck by Anne Wilson Schaef, for a wee change. I can’t find it on Amazon though, so I can’t share a link, but it’s a 50 card deck & book. Go, explore & enjoy!

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Women Who : Clean
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