Wildwood : Keep Calm And….

The Wildwood, this week, offers us the calm, gorgeous and shy, Queen of Bows. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not shy, but calm? I need to apply that trait a little more.

Yes, okay, I’m not the calmest person out there and with three kids, my Zen sometimes just doesn’t even get out of bed, even with a cup of coffee, Lapsang Souchong or good strong English tea on offer. And as the possibility of normal (or what passes as normal) beckoning tomorrow with the return to school, the pragmatic, highly practical, Queen of Bows comes to say: Keep Calm and Get Ready.

Queen of Bows

She could be saying a lot of things too. The Hares are prolific breeders but they’re also so full of potential. This week, it seems that anything is possible! She’s the sympathetic companion of life. Does that sound like you? Does it sound like someone you need in your life? This Queen (and because it’s a court card, doesn’t mean that the person displaying these qualities has to be female) is wise, gentle, witty and they will give you the strength of your own resolve. They’re going to be popular, dedicated and on your side.  They’re the calm in your storm.

How do you influence those around you? Are you the cool, calm and collected one? Are you the one that encourages others around you? Are you the sympathetic ear that everyone needs?

There is a down side to this Queen, though. Everyone has a shadow side, even the Courts. Do you harbour slights or insults? Do you cast aspersions where, frankly, you ought not to?

However, I am reminded to keep calm and be “enlightened”.  This week, I feel this Queen is telling me to about acting on my anger, but to get on with things that I can control and do something about. Ironing school uniforms for the coming weeks it is, then! Calmly, perhaps? 😉

This image was bought to you thanks to the kind men behind the Wildwood, Mark Ryan, Will Worthington & John Matthews and the blog post entry is all my take on one card. I can read your cards too, if you like?
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Wildwood : Keep Calm And….

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    1. Hi Hannah! Yes, it went smoothly, thank you, though the hoops in jumping through this week are just mad! Still, onwards!! 🙂

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