Wildwood : Elevation And Dance

After two weeks of organised chaos, it’s time for elevation of the spirits and some celebration.

I like U2’s music, so when I was searching for a card for this week (after not having posted last week due to the chaos that is life) and I came across this card (amongst others) I decided that this is what I’d dance to, if I were celebrating! Which, I am πŸ˜‰

Four of Bows

As to why, well, that would reveal the gamer in me, but when things in life go well, what do you do to celebrate? How do you celebrate? What music gets you going? For me, anything with a good beat gets me or the toddler dancing. She knows the jingle to the most listened to radio station in the car and house. When mum starts dancing, she joins in. I clap when she starts and then I join in too.

It doesn’t take much to start swinging those hips in this house, but it takes a fair bit to really celebrate!

What can you celebrate? Fathers Day was the 21st,Β  that deserves to be celebrated. Good fathers deserve their moment of elevation.Β  The Summer Solstice was also the 21st, the longest day a day to be celebrated, for lots of reasons. Not the least, is that it’s going to start getting dark and whilst it does that slowly, we should enjoy the warm and celebrate things, our spirits and make memories to keep us warm in the cold months. Elevation of the soul is a wonderful thing. Making new friends, meeting up with older ones and enjoying their company. Meeting a shared goal, despite not knowing each other beyond basic pleasantries.

What did you do this past weekend to celebrate? What will you do this week to cause a celebration? What self elevation did you undertake? What goals have you set that you could achieve this week? Here’s another couple of questions: Whom will you celebrate with?Β  What do you dance to?

Let me know when you’re ready, I love a good hip-swinging tune to dance to!

The deck used is the Wildwood, created by Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews & this post part of the West Midlands Blogger Link.

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Wildwood : Elevation And Dance

4 thoughts on “Wildwood : Elevation And Dance

  1. This week I would like to celebrate life and my family more. Lots more random tickles, and cuddles for no reason. I think perhaps I may even try a dancing competition. Thank you for linking up to #WMBlogChat

    1. What great things to celebrate, Hannah! Not everyone celebrates the every day things like cuddles and kisses from the children. And thank you for hosting #WMBlogChat & the WestMidBlogLink πŸ™‚

  2. There’s been lots of celebration in our house recently, just because my girls love to dance and sing! I too have been caught up in the chaos of life, but we had a good weekend for summer solstice. We dressed up as fairies for our local Rose Fete parade, and then enjoyed the festivities of the annual Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival, and then my husband and I went to a ‘grown-up’ birthday party for my sister-in-law. It felt wonderful to have a night off from the children, and there was some dancing (and karaoke) involved… πŸ˜‰

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