Wildwood : Hone Those Skills

This week, I’ve delved into the Wildwood to find that special card for this week. I want to hone my skills and to do so,  there’s hard work to be done. Time to get those candles going!

The Wildwood hasn’t offered up this card, I’ve consciously “pulled” this card from all 78 cards. This week, I want to work hard, play hard, and rest hard. And yes, there’s some hard work for me to do. I’m not afraid of the hard work, that’s the least of my problems. What does concern me, is the time. Time is not a friend of mine. With a small young family, it hasn’t been a friend for some years now, and it won’t be for years to come. So the figure of this Eight of Stones, working late into the night, on their own, in a dark cave with nothing more than a few candles. I’m used to working when the kids are asleep, or busy doing their own thing. I really need to hone these Tarot reading skills.

Hone The Skills
Eight of Stones ~ Skill
Card of the Day

This card says to me, work when you can. No distractions, no half measures, no excuses;  focus, stay focused and hone those skills. I kind of like that, being tough on yourself. It’s been a while since I’ve needed to parent myself.

I learned the other day, that a distraction robs you of 25 minutes time. It takes that long to get “back into” the task you were distracted from. So, launching Trello on my tablet, I start to make my lists. Lists are great, but I’ve four on Trello so far, just to try to keep a tab on what I need to do for each part of my life.

I find that if I have the TV on, I get distracted more (so yes, I have to turn the TV off). The TV I find, is just as bad as Facebook for distractions.

So this week, what are your distractions? What do you need to turn “off” in order to get focused and do the work at hand? This can include Facebook, Twitter, G+, the TV, the radio…  What tools do you use to get focused? I’ve mentioned Trello (it’s free and frankly, who doesn’t LIKE free apps and gadgets?) but there are others out there, I know it.

This week, I’d like you to share with me what apps you have that seem to be good, that seem to help you stay focused and get the jobs done. My Trello lists are getting longer, so time for me to get stuff done and get to bed. This week, is going to be pretty busy! Bye for now!

I’ve used The Wildwood, as created by Eddison Sadd (Ryan, Matthews & Worthington) and this is my own ramblings and observations, unless otherwise stated.

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Wildwood : Hone Those Skills

4 thoughts on “Wildwood : Hone Those Skills

  1. First I think it can be so empowering to pick your own card instead of puling it. You could even pick a line of three: 1 where I am now, how do I feel?
    3 where do I want to be, what do I want tot accomplish, how do I want to feel?
    2 in the middle: How do I get there?
    As for my organizing tool! just pen and paper. I have a Midori style notebook which contains my to-do’s, my planner, my notebook, my lists; just about anything I need to get thins done. 🙂

    1. I’ve found if it’s not digital, I won’t carry it around. Too much stuff with the toddler already, another bulky thing is just too much for me! And what a great the card spread! I might use that at the next meet-up!

  2. Good luck getting organised! I use a good, old-fashioned hardback diary for my lists, but I find myself checking back over previous days to catch up at the moment. After a tough emotional time recently I have decided to scale back the work front for now, simplify my challenges, and focus on the things that I deal with every day, until such time as I feel able to continue with my various jobs/hobbies/further learning. And yes, I also consulted the Tarot for guidance on my situation. My chosen deck is the Gilded Tarot. 🙂

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