Wildwood : All You Need Is… Dedication

Dedication is what you need, so Roy Castle sang. Does it apply via the Tarot? Oh yes, it certainly does!

Nine of Arrows

It’s great when things are shiny and new, you get to throw yourself right at it! But after so many years of reading the Tarot(or perhaps doing the same thing), how do you keep your focus? One great way I’ve found, is to attend conferences and Meet Ups. Conferences cost a little more to attend, so I choose those with more financial care than the Meet Ups.

The Meet Ups, (I help run), are a great way to enforce the dedication month in, month out. Sometimes, I feel I should personal readings more often, but if I wanted to know the entire path before me, I’d live in the Tarot, not in life! And with three kids around my ankles and waist, I have no choice but to live in life itself!

So, what can you do to keep the dedication alive? The book (or app) says this is the meaning of the card: “The spiritual warrior dedicates their arrows of inspiration by playing the bow as an instrument of summoning. The inner oath helps keep one on a balanced footing by dedicating stills to a greater good”

What does that mean, in plain English? To me, this is about making yourself a promise and sticking to it. Every new thing that comes up, you check it against that promise. You summon or invest in things, times & events that relate to that promise, that help make it grow and become reality. You measure everything up to that self-made promise. That, to me, is what dedication is.

Dedication incorporates self-discipline, sincerity and sheer hard work.  We teach our young ones by example. Sometimes, we don’t always get to lead by brilliant examples all the time, we’re all human (not a T-800) we all make mistakes. “Dedicate yourself to the task of preserving the land and be a part of making the difference”

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These ramblings are my own, but the deck is (c) by Will Worthington, John Matthews, Mark Ryan and the images are used with permission.
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Wildwood : All You Need Is… Dedication
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