Wildwood : Dodge Goat!

Dodge those arrows, you clever goat! Shortly after the last time this card came out, wheels fell off my home wagon. Time to ensure I don’t make the same mistake as last time!

The trick with the Tarot, when you get cards that haunt you, is to look at what you missed. We all miss things, chances, opportunities, details. Sometimes, we get to go over and redo things and it is ace when we can do that.

Five of Arrows

Not often, do we get told that things have come back around again (like the Carly Simon song) and that we should grab the opportunity to leap forth, like this goat seems to be. Last time, I took the weekly reading from the perspective of the goat. But what if you’re the fellow in the background?

What are you trying to aim for? Shooting a moving target is hard. Ask James Bond. Or Mark Ryan. Or anyone that has shot a bow or a gun. It’s possible, but it’s much harder.

So, this week, what impossible thing are you aiming for? Is what you’re aiming for, just a fantasy? Or is it possible to actually hit your moving target?

Before you fire a bow, a gun or anything, you take a deep breath and release it as you pull the trigger or let the arrow fly. Last time, I forgot that simple breathing trick. I’m sure the goat hasn’t forgotten to do that! Taking a big deep breath allows you to calm down and think. It gives you a few moments to engage your brain. I shall have to remember that a lot this first week of the school holidays. My few hours of quiet “me” time have gone out of the window this week, but it’ll come good come Saturday at the TABI Conference. I’m SO going to be needing that day!

Until then, try to avoid those Wildwood arrows, keep safe and remember, breathe!

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Wildwood : Dodge Goat!

2 thoughts on “Wildwood : Dodge Goat!

  1. I have been chasing many a moving target this week! And I feel like one as well, with the constant nag of. “Mummy…Mum…Mama!” following me around. Thank goodness for a few hours of respite on Sunday, when I take the car and head out child-free with a friend… enjoy your holidays, Louise!

    1. Hey Catherine! Yep, I feel I’m both this week too! Eldest two aren’t here, so I’ve done peace and quiet to enjoy and a whole day of Tarot tomorrow! I am so going to enjoy that! 🙂

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