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I managed to find some moments today to draw a card for this coming week and I chose it from the app. Major 10 – The Wheel, came up and I was like: Ha! More change! Then I thought: make the change, girl! Embrace it, make it yours! I own this coming change, because I’m going to make it happen.

It’s easy to sit around and go: “I’m bored!” or proclaim: “I don’t know what to do!” But the truth of the matter is, for me, is that if things aren’t working for you, change it! This isn’t a tower moment, the time to change things is here, the Wheel of the Year turns constantly, with each and every passing moment.

make the change
Major 10
The Wheel

I’m very much the kind of gal that gets on with it, gets it done. But like everyone else on this planet that can read this blog post, I’m human. I have my flaws, I have my virtues and most of the time, I’m aware of what they are.

However, I’ve learnt the hard way: If I want something done, I’ve gotta do it myself. I’ve got to make the change myself, I’ve got to adjust and I’ve got to make it all mine.

That might sound a little egotistic, and I don’t mean it to be, but I’m not going to sit around and wait for things to change, when the person who needs to drive the change, stares back at me from the various mirrors, dotted around the house. It’s time to make the changes.

They don’t have to be big changes. The changes don’t have to be complex. They can be simple little things that make a huge difference. But the message I’ve received from the Tarot for this coming week, is make the change. Like the weaver who is weaving this shirt, they’re making changes as they go, they’re adding to it all the time. They’re making changes, all the time.  That’s what I see is needed for this week.

So, I wish you luck on making changes this week, even small changes can be all that is needed. As Captain Picard so often said: “Make it so!” (And you’re Number 1 *wink*)

Deck used is The Wildwood, but the thoughts are my own.

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Wildwood : Make The Change

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  1. Such a good post, Louise, and so true. I am also making the change in my life, although I admit it is not easy. My problem lies largely with my ego, but now I have identified the issue, I can work round it and reduce its impact. Small changes lead to big improvements… have a lovely week!

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