Wildwood : The Quiet Strength

The quiet strength that is The Stag, comes and joins us. This week, I so need to hear the beat of the ancestral drums!

The Wheel card from last week didn’t go as well as I had planned. Things go up, but things go down and it seems that quite a few of us (myself included) are on a downward turn, which is a pain in the bum, to say the least.

Major 8
The Stag

Wheels turn. Think of the wheels of the car, or a water wheel. Things go south, but they go north again too. The trick is, when things aren’t going well, is how you deal with it. I’d have liked to rewind time and undo what happened, but I cannot. Some personal adjustment has occurred (hasn’t it just!) and responsibility must be taken. The Stag’s quiet gaze is entrapping. It cannot be escaped, dodged or swept under the carpet. Rules are there to protect and serve. My personal realignment of perceptions has occurred, my crazy side has to come back into touch.

I’ve been caught in the straight gaze from a deer, once. It was so quiet and I don’t think I breathed for about a whole minute!

This is what the Stag is about. This  isn’t about “he did”, “she said” or “they won’t”, or even blame. This isn’t a time for shirking responsibility, this is a time to stand up and be counted, to take ownership and to face things with honesty and integrity. If I’ve nothing else left within me, (and I really feel like I don’t right now!) I do have that!

What do you do when the chips are down? How do you react when the odds are against you? What are the most horrible qualities that come out? What is your inner demon that needs a damn good talking to? I’d slap mine, but she’d darn well punch me back! 😀

So this week, what do we really need to take responsibility for? Whatever it is, do so with grace, dignity and integrity. When it comes down to it, that’s all we’ve really got.

Blessings to you for reading my Wildwood ramblings so far and may you stand up tall, be counted and take responsibility.

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Wildwood : The Quiet Strength

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  1. Somehow when the wheel goes South I try to reach the center, to asses what is my responsibility and is what is not.

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